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Ring Lighting

Ring Lighting

Brilliant new ways
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Lights on anytime,

Always come home to a brightly lit house. Add Lighting around your home and control them from the Ring App. Turn lights on or off while you’re away. Link your lights to select Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras, so they shine when motion is detected. And best of all, choose from new solar-powered options for added flexibility.

Ring Lighting

Brighten up blindspots.

Walkway Lighting

Light every step you take. Pathlights are perfect for driveways, walkways and gardens while Steplights illuminate decks and stairs. Already have landscape lights? Connect compatible lights to our Transformer to control them from the Ring App.

Ring Lighting

Overhead Lighting

Shine a light from up high with mounted lights. Illuminate large areas like the driveway and backyard with Floodlights for security and safety. Or focus on a single area like a porch or shed with Spotlights.

Ring Lighting

Smart LED Lightbulbs

Enjoy the flexibility of energy-efficient smart LED bulbs. Simply screw into compatible lamp sockets for smart control from anywhere.

Ring Lighting

Pick your power type.

Hardwired lights give you nonstop power around the clock. Battery-operated lights can be placed almost anywhere. And solar lights offer added convenience.

Ring Lighting

Complete Control
from the Ring App

Ring Lighting

Real-Time Notifications

Receive real-time notifications on your phone and tablet to stay in-the-know when anything happens at home.

Ring Lighting

Customize Settings

Adjust the brightness and motion settings of your Lighting. Plus create countless combinations to customize your Ring of Security.

Ring Lighting

Connected Devices

Connect select Ring devices to see what’s happening and control them all from a single dashboard.

Ring Lighting

Create & Set Schedules

Have your Lighting automatically illuminate your yard or walkways at the same time every evening and turn off when you want them to.

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Loved by customers on Amazon.

Nice addition to my Ring of Security. I live on a dark trail so at night it really lights up the walkway and street. The product feels durable and well built. Definitely will be purchasing more in the future.


These lights are really nice. The color of the light itself is very pleasing. They are easy to install and group together to light an entire walkway when motion is detected by just one of the lights.


I purchased four of these along with the Bridge and these things are sturdy – they work. The brightness levels are very good and they interact with your other motion sensors.


Inexpensive compared to hard wire lighting. Good amount of light and coverage. So far I love it.

Amazon Customer
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It All Starts with the Ring Bridge

Ring Bridge

Ring Bridge is the hub of your Lighting. It enables smart security features and connects your Ring lights with other compatible devices.

Ring Lighting

Group Ring Lighting together to customize how they illuminate. If one light detects motion, it can brighten up a pathway or make your whole yard shine.

Connect to select

Connect to select Ring Video Doorbells and Cameras to see what's happening whenever your lights illuminate.

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Privacy is our priority.

From the initial concept to the final product, privacy, security, and user control are at the core of the decisions we make at Ring. Learn more about our privacy and security practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Ring Lights group together and connect to Ring doorbells and cameras and select Alexa-enabled devices?

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You can group Ring Lights together and connect them to your other compatible Ring devices and select Alexa-enabled devices with the Ring Bridge.

The Ring Bridge brings it all together in Ring app. There, you can completely customize your smart controls and create action combinations. For example, if you connect a Ring Lighting Floodlight to a compatible Ring Video Doorbell via the Ring Bridge, it can activate your doorbell as soon as your floodlight detects motion.

Or have your Ring Lights work together to illuminate a pathway or light up your entire yard if one detects motion. The possibilities are endless.

The Ring Bridge also allows you to connect your lights to select Alexa-enabled devices, so you can hear announcements, turn on Ring Lights when motion is detected, and adjust the settings at the sound of your voice.

What happens if I don’t have the Ring Bridge?

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The Ring Bridge is required to enable smart controls and notifications for Ring Lights, pair Ring Lights together, and connect them to Ring Doorbells, Cameras, and select Alexa-enabled devices.

Without the Ring Bridge, Ring Lights will shine as soon as motion is detected or the light is turned on, but you won’t be able to customize your settings. You also will not be able to pair your Ring Lights into groups, receive notifications, or connect Ring Lights to other compatible Ring or Alexa-enabled devices.

Will my Ring Lighting Solar lights work with my existing Ring Bridge?

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Where should I position my Ring Lights and Ring Bridge?

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Your Ring Bridge should be placed indoors within reach of a good Wi-Fi signal and in a centrally-located place relative to your Ring Lights. Best practice is not to install it in a metal cabinet or closet, but to leave it out in the open so the signal is not restricted.

How long does the rechargeable battery on my Ring Lighting solar-powered lights last? How will I know when to recharge? How can I recharge it?

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Your Ring app will notify you when your battery is running low. Place in direct sunlight to recharge and store power. If additional charge is needed, see the instructions below.

Floodlight- The Floodlight Solar' battery is a Ring Quick Release Battery that can also be recharged using a Quick Release Battery Pack.

Pathlight and Steplight- The Solar Pathlight or Solar Steplight can also be recharged by bringing the unit inside and connecting it via micro USB. The unit will blink on and off as it charges, and then glow on when it is fully charged.

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