A Ring Video Doorbell owner applying settings to their Ring account in the Ring app.

An Update to Ring In-App Features

Starting March 29, 2023, a Ring Protect subscription is required to access Ring Alarm in-app features in the US and Canada, including digital notifications and the ability to Arm and Disarm from your app. If you owned an Alarm before this date, your current device will keep these in-app features. If you did not own an Alarm, these features will now require a subscription.

Learn about our Ring Protect plans and features here.

Updated features for alarms, cameras, and doorbells

Arm and Disarm Digitally*

Change Modes to Arm and Disarm for your entire Ring Alarm home security system from the Ring app or via a compatible Alexa-enabled device. Neighbors without a subscription can Arm and Disarm their Alarm at home using the Ring Keypad only.

Alarm Notifications*

Stay in the know on your Ring Alarm’s activity with real-time notifications from the Ring app or via email. Neighbors without a subscription will get siren notifications directly from the Base Station only.

Alarm Event History*

With 60 days of Alarm history, you can scroll back to see past notifications and updates from your Alarm system when subscribed to Ring Protect. Neighbors without a subscription can view the last 24 hours of event history.

Create home security automations with Alarm*

With a subscription, link Ring doorbells and cameras and compatible smart locks to your Alarm to customize different automations—such as having Ring cameras record when your Alarm is triggered.

Camera Home and Away Modes*(Ring doorbells and cameras)

With a subscription, set your Ring doorbells and cameras to Home or Away Mode and customize settings to specify whether Live View and recording is turned on or off in certain Modes, all from the Ring app. Easily change modes and customize settings to have your doorbell and home camera record when you’re away, or turn off when you’re home. Current Ring Protect subscribers won't see any changes to their doorbell/camera's Home and Away Modes.

Starting March 29, 2023, this feature will require a subscription if you’re not already subscribed. If you don’t have a Ring Protect subscription, you will still have access to other in-app features for your doorbells and cameras, such as Live View, Two-Way Talk, Motion Detection, and Motion Alerts.

*This feature requires a compatible Ring Protect subscription (sold separately).

Frequently Asked Questions

I bought a Ring Alarm before March 29, 2023. Do I lose access to in-app features if I activate it after March 29, 2023?

If you owned a Ring Alarm before March 29, 2023 but don’t activate it until after that date, you will still have access to in-app features (with or without a subscription) for the expected life of the device.

What if I buy an Alarm after March 29, 2023?

You will need to subscribe to Ring Protect to get access to Ring Alarm in-app features, but you may also Arm and Disarm your Alarm directly from the Ring Keypad without a subscription. Alarm alerts will sound locally from the physical Ring Alarm Base Station. Currently, any Ring Protect plan will activate in-app features for your Alarm.

What if I’m on a Ring Protect trial on March 29, 2023?

You’ll have the opportunity to test out Ring Protect features for the full duration of your trial. If you owned a Ring Alarm before March 29, 2023, you will continue to have the same in-app features (with or without a subscription) for the expected life of the device.

Without Camera Home and Away Modes, can I still open Live View and my change recording settings?

Yes, you will be able to open and customize these features from the Ring app. See instructions below.

  1. Open the Ring app.
  2. Go to the menu (≡) and tap 
  3. Select your camera or doorbell, then do the following.
    • Change Live View settings: Tap 
      Video Settings
       and toggle 
      Live View
       (this setting is only available for battery cameras and select wired cameras).
    • Update motion settings: Toggle 
      Motion Detection
      Motion Alerts.
    • Customize motion alerts: Tap 
      Motion Settings
      , then tap 
      Advanced Settings
    • Snooze motion alerts: Tap 
      Motion Snooze

If I buy new accessories after March 29, 2023 for my existing Ring Alarm, will they require a subscription?

If your Ring Alarm is purchased before March 29, 2023, then new accessories bought to pair with your Ring Alarm base station will not require a subscription either. If your Ring Alarm base station is purchased on or after March 29, 2023, then both the Ring Alarm base station and accessories paired with it will require a subscription.

Will my subscription price also change?

No. The price of Ring Protect subscriptions are not affected by this change.

Will this affect my existing doorbell and cameras?

Beginning March 29, 2023, existing and future Ring doorbells and cameras will require a Ring Protect Plan subscription to access the Home and Away Modes feature from the Ring app and Alexa.

Last updated 5 months ago