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Virtual Security Guard

Ultimate peace of mind. Total control.

Coming soon to U.S. customers1 — live, customizable motion event monitoring by Rapid Response for the external Ring cameras at your home or business.

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Ring Virtual Security Guard

Real-time protection.
Real, trusted agents.

Whether you own a second home or want an extra pair of eyes on your business, Virtual Security Guard adds an extra layer of protection with a professional, live monitoring service that protects your property when you need it.

Virtual Security Guard

Customize what agents observe.

Real-life agents will only monitor motion events on the cameras2 you want, when you want. Update your settings at any time in the Ring Control Center.

Virtual Security Guard

Agents engage when you can’t.

Agents can engage through Two-Way Talk and siren to help deter unwanted behavior.

Virtual Security Guard

Backup is on the way.

If emergency services are needed, the agent can call to dispatch to your property.

Meet our trusted monitoring partner, Rapid Response.

With nearly 30 years of experience, Rapid Response utilizes the latest technology to keep today’s homes and businesses safe. Their monitoring specialists undergo extensive response training to better protect you, your family, and your property.

woman working for Rapid Response monitoring a person’s home on her computer for Ring Virtual Security Guard

Added security for
any size property.

Virtual Security Guard agents are on guard around the clock helping you monitor the places where your life happens, spaces big and small.

Protection for homes.

Whether you’re on vacation or in a remote location away from home, agents can address suspicious behavior, helping to prevent crime before it happens.

Protection for homes

Backup for businesses.

Be it a warehouse or a storefront, agents are there for the business you built. This means helping to minimize or even prevent property damage, theft, break-ins, and more.

Backup for businesses.

What you need to qualify.

To take advantage of Virtual Security Guard’s real-time monitoring in the U.S.1, you’ll need:

Ring Security Cameras2
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Rapid Response’s trained agents will only monitor your home’s eligible outdoor cameras.2 Easily change which cameras you want monitored from the Ring Control Center in the Ring App or Ring.com.

Ring Protect Pro Plan
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You must have an active Ring Protect Pro subscription at your location.

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Ring Alarm with Professional Monitoring
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You must own a Ring Alarm home security system and be enrolled in professional monitoring through your Ring Protect subscription.

Virtual Security Guard

Sign up to get on the waitlist.

Pricing starts at $99/month. Enter your email below to indicate your interest in the invite-only launch, and you may be selected to try the service for free for a limited time.

Virtual Security Guard

Interested in being a security provider?

Your virtual monitoring expertise meets our leading smart security. Contact Ring if you’re interested in helping us achieve our mission to help make neighborhoods safer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know that the agents are only monitoring where I want, and when I want? Arrow Icon

Choosing which cameras to monitor: Default settings limit monitoring to only eligible Ring outdoor doorbells and cameras of your choosing and are default off at sign-up. You can easily change which cameras you want monitored from the Ring Control Center from your Ring app or Ring.com.

Choosing when agents will monitor by setting modes from your Ring app or on Ring.com: On your Ring app or Ring.com, there are three modes to control monitoring. When the mode is Disarmed, Virtual Security Guard is inactive and agents will not be monitoring any cameras. When the mode is set to Armed Home or Armed Away, agents will be monitoring your cameras.

1 Virtual Security Guard is available only within the U.S. (all 50 states, but not U.S. territories). Enrollment required.
2 Virtual Security Guard services are only available with eligible outdoor doorbells and cameras. Learn more here.

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