Alarm Security System

A new kind ofhome security

Introducing Alarm Pro — an innovative new security system with a built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 router to protect your whole home and your network.

Ring Alarm Pro
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What you get with Ring Alarm

What you get with Ring Alarm

A New Kind Of Whole-Home Coverage
With a built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 router that covers up to 1500 square feet, the new Alarm Pro protects it all — inside, outside, and on your network.1

Complete Control in the Ring App
Arm, check, and manage your entire Ring home security system in one app, from anywhere.2

Know What’s Up In Real-Time
When a window opens, motion is detected, or if a new device joins your network — you’ll know as soon as it happens.

DIY Simplicity
Everything you need to set up your system is in the box, no extra tools required.

24/7 Professional Monitoring4
Get around-the-clock emergency support with a Ring Protect Pro subscription, sold separately.

Works with Ring Cameras and Doorbells
Add your Ring Security Cameras and Video Doorbells to protect home from every angle.

Unlimited Ways to Expand
Link compatible Alexa devices, eero Extenders, and third-party devices.

No Long-Term Commitments
Plus, find peace of mind for any budget with Kits starting at $199.99.

Meet the systems

Meet the systems.

Choose from essential whole-home protection or the all-new Alarm Pro with advanced protection for your home and your network.

Alarm Pro NEW

Advanced home and digital security.
All the protection of Ring Alarm, plus a built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 router to help keep you secure online, across your devices, and throughout your home.3

  • Starting at $249.99
  • Protect windows, doors, and rooms.
  • Get wifi coverage up to 1,500 sq. ft.; expand with eero 6 Extenders, sold separately.1
  • 24/7 Backup Internet5 keeps your wifi network connected to the internet if there’s an internet outage. Requires Ring Protect Pro, sold separately.


Essential DIY whole-home security.
Protect your home, your way. Plug in the Ring Alarm Base Station, connect your sensors, and control it all with the keypad or from the Ring App.

  • Starting at $199.99
  • Protect windows, doors, and rooms.
  • Pair unlimited Ring devices to expand your protection.
  • Install it all yourself. Works in every home.

All the pieces for peace of mind.

Start with the included core Kit pieces, then expand your protection with compatible devices from Ring, Alexa, eero (Alarm Pro only), and other third-party smart accessories.

Ring Alarm Key Pad - Home security system


Included in Kit

Easily arm and disarm your Ring Alarm security system, and more, from inside your home.

Ring Alarm contact sensors

Alarm Sensors

Included in Kit

Contact Sensors help you secure doors and windows, and send you alerts as soon as they open. Motion Detectors let you know when there’s motion in rooms or hallways.

Ring Alarm Accessories - Home security system

Alarm Accessories

Whether it’s smoke, leaks, or emergencies, our array of Ring Alarm sensors and detectors will alert you to what’s happening at home.

Ring Doorbells and Cameras  - Home security system

Ring Doorbells and Cameras

Connect Ring Doorbells or Security Cameras and have them start recording when your Ring Alarm is triggered. See what’s happening with Live View in the Ring App.

Ring Alarm Echo Dot - Home security system

"Alexa, Arm Ring."

Arm and disarm your alarm system with your voice, receive alerts when glass breaks with Alexa Guard, and more, when paired with select Alexa-enabled devices.

smart lock keypad for home security system

Works With Ring

Discover third-party accessories like compatible smart locks and Z-wave devices. Link them together and control it all from the Ring App.

Range Extender - Home security system

Range Extender

Included in Kit

Extend the Z-Wave signal from your Alarm Pro to all its alarm system components.

Ring Alarm Base Station or Pro Base Station

Base Station or Pro Base Station

Included in Kit

Choose from two central hubs that connect your entire system. Experience fast, secure wifi with the built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 router in the Alarm Pro Base Station.

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drawing of a home security system powered by Ring

Customize yourperfect security kit.

Not sure where to start? Answer a few questions about your space, and we’ll help you create a home security system that’s right for you. Call 1-833-906-1146 to speak to a Ring Security Expert.

Ring Protect Pro

Unrivaled protection starting at $20/month.

Unlike other subscriptions, Ring Protect Pro works to help keep your home protected and keep your devices secure, online, and ready for anything. All starting at $20/ month or $200/ year per location, no long-term commitments, cancel anytime.

Monthly Subscription Cost

Learn more about Ring Protect Pro features here
Save $100 or more per year on home insurance with a professionally-monitored Ring Alarm. Learn more.9

Compare your protection.


DIY security for any home.

Advanced security with built-in internet connectivity.




Ring Alarm Whole-Home Security
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Battery Backup

Feel safe and secure even if the power goes out.

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Fast, Secure Wifi With eero

Integrated eero Wi-Fi 6 router with network security features built-in. Get wifi coverage of up to 1500 sq. ft. Add eero Extenders, sold separately, to expand coverage for any size home.

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Expandable External Power

Add up to four Ring Power Packs, sold separately, to keep your Alarm Pro powered and online if you lose power.

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Physical Security Features
24/7 Professional Monitoring*

We'll request dispatch of real-time emergency responders when break-ins or any other security threat is detected by your Ring Alarm.

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Customizable Police Response *

Adjust your settings in the Ring App to opt out of police response. That way we‘ll only request fire department dispatch during an emergency.

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Alarm Cellular Backup*

If your home loses internet connection, alarm cellular backup keeps your Ring Alarm system connected and able to send alarm signals.

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“Works with Ring” Compatible

Expand your Ring of Security with Z-wave and wifi-enabled smart home products.

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Ring Edge with Local Video Storage*

Your videos and Smart Alerts are processed locally and stored directly on a microSD card inserted into your Ring Alarm Pro, microSD card required. Coming soon

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Digital Security Features
24/7 Backup Internet*

3GB of data included every month to keep your wifi network online in the event of an internet outage. Option to use as much data as you need with Extra Data for $3 per GB.

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eero Secure*

Help protect your online activity, block ads for faster load times, and apply content filters with eero Secure.

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*Ring Protect Pro plan required, soldseparately.

Real people. Real stories

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Monitor and ProtectYour Home From Anywhere

“If we hadn't had the Ring Alarm system, I would've walked into the burglar being in my home.”

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Feel very safe

“My family moves often since my husband’s in the military, so I love that I have the freedom to take it with me wherever I go.”

Joshua & Kaitlyn
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Protect Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

“I never thought about carbon monoxide. I really think that I could have died, but Ring had my back that day.”

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Peace of Mind Knowing the Home & Equipment are Safe

“To me it's a no-brainer. It's easy, it's fast. The price is right. I mean I don't know why you wouldn't want the Ring Alarm.“

Mandy & Corban
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Privacy is our priority.

From the initial concept to the final product, privacy, security and user control are at the core of the decisions we make at Ring. Learn more about our privacy and security practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro Security Kit? Arrow Icon

Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro are DIY home security systems that work on any house or apartment. Security kits come with a Base Station, Contact Sensor, Motion Detector, Keypad and Range Extender.

Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro are simple enough to install without any tools or professional installation. Simply place the Contact Sensor on any door or window in your home, and you’ll get a mobile notification when it opens. You can also place the Motion Detector in any room of your home, and you’ll get a notification when motion is detected.

Ring Alarm Pro gives you a Ring Alarm for trusted physical security, and an eero Wi-Fi 6 router for fast wifi and network security in a single system. Unlike traditional home security systems, Ring Alarm Pro also offers optional layers of backup protection to help stay connected in case the power or internet goes out. By combining Alarm Pro with a Ring Protect Pro plan, you have more protection, and more ways to secure your home.

Do I have to purchase the kit? Or can I buy it piece-by-piece? Arrow Icon

The Ring Alarm Security Kit comes with everything you need to protect your home. The Base Station controls your entire Ring Alarm system and is only available in a kit.

Ring Alarm Pro Base Station is sold separately, so you can customize your entire security system.

Additional Contact Sensors, Motion Detectors, Keypads, Range Extenders and future Ring Alarm components can be purchased separately to expand the coverage of both systems. These will connect with the Base Station at your home to protect your entire property. They both also work with Ring cameras, Ring Video Doorbells, Alexa-enabled Echo devices, and more.

With Ring Alarm pro you can add eero 6 Extenders to expand coverage and Ring Power Packs for additional back up power.

What’s the difference between Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro? Arrow Icon

Ring Alarm Pro gives you the trusted security and customizable features of Ring Alarm plus an eero Wi-Fi 6 router built in for network security and fast, reliable internet. The Ring Protect Pro Plan also offers 24/7 Backup Internet that is only available for use with a Ring Alarm Pro Base Station, giving you cellular internet connectivity when there’s no internet access available.

Does Ring offer professional monitoring and how much does it cost? Arrow Icon

Yes, you can enroll in 24-7 professional monitoring with fire and medical emergency support for $20 / month / location with the Ring Protect Pro Plan.

Do I need Ring Protect Pro to get Professional Monitoring? Arrow Icon

Yes. Professional monitoring for Ring Alarm systems is only available with a Ring Protect Pro plan. Ring Protect Pro is not available in Canada. Canadian customers, learn more about your Protect Plans here.

How do I control Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro? Arrow Icon

You can easily arm and disarm your system with the free Ring App (compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets). You can also use the Keypad if you’re indoors and not near your phone or tablet. Ring Alarm provides three Security Modes to control your system:

  • Away mode arms all of your Contact Sensors and Motion Sensors, by default.
  • Disarmed mode disarms your security devices so you can come and go.
  • Home mode arms Contact Sensors around the perimeter of your home, by default.

For Ring Alarm Pro, while you can control your security system from the Ring app, to control and manage your wifi, you do so from the eero app.

What happens if the power goes out? Arrow Icon

Ring Alarm comes with a 24-hour backup battery that kicks in whenever the power at home goes out. You can also get cellular backup with a Ring Protect Pro Plan, giving you essential security features to help protect your home during an outage.

With Ring Alarm Pro, when the power goes out you have two options:

  • 1. Alarm Pro has an internal backup battery inside the Base Station that can provide backup power. When using the internal battery, you may have limited access to Alarm features only.
  • 2. Ring Power Packs (sold separately) can provide external battery backup for your Alarm Pro. Connect up to four fully-charged Power Packs to a single Alarm Pro to keep it working for hours and all Alarm Pro features will be available.

Ring Power Packs can also be used to provide backup power to your eero 6 Extenders, which will keep your expanded wifi network up if you lose power.

What happens when the internet goes out with Ring Alarm Pro? Arrow Icon

Your Ring Protect Pro plan offers 24/7 Backup Internet when you need it. This means that if the internet goes out, or if you don’t have internet service, you can use cellular data to connect all devices on your wifi network to the internet.

The 24/7 Backup Internet* feature included with the Ring Protect Pro plan gives you 3GB of data every month. If you need more, you can opt in to Extra Data, and you’ll only pay for data you use. We recommend opting in to Extra Data if you’re using Alarm Pro at a location without an internet connection.

Note: If you don’t opt in to Extra Data and use up your 3GB for the month, Alarm Pro will switch to Alarm Cellular Backup which provides access to only critical Ring Alarm security features. When an internet connection is restored, Alarm Pro will automatically switch back to using it. Your 3GB will reset on the first day of the new billing cycle.

Does Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro offer professional monitoring for commercial businesses? Arrow Icon

Yes! Professional monitoring is available for commercial businesses. Learn more about our business security offerings, including professional monitoring at

Is professional monitoring available in my area? Arrow Icon

Ring Alarm professional monitoring service is available only within the U.S. (all 50 states, but not U.S. territories) and in Canada (excluding Quebec). Canadian customers, learn more about your Protect Plans here.
In some areas, a permit is required in order to have a professionally-monitored alarm system. If you do need a permit, we’ll email you with all the details and can help answer any questions you may have.

Can I try professional monitoring before I subscribe? Arrow Icon

Yes. Every new Ring Alarm comes with a free1 30-day trial of Ring Protect. If you enroll in to professional monitoring during your trial, you can arm and disarm your Ring Alarm to get 24/7 emergency response if you need it most, and enjoy the other benefits of Ring Protect Pro. For the first 7 days of professional monitoring, you can take advantage of our 7-Day Practice Period designed to help you learn the ins and out of your Ring Alarm and avoid false alarms. Before your trial is over, we’ll remind you to subscribe to Ring Protect Pro on to keep your alarm professionally monitored.

1 Free trial is not applicable for locations with an existing Ring Protect Plus or Protect Pro subscription. Terms and limitations apply. See Ring Protect Subscription Plans for more information.

Will my existing eero products work with Alarm Pro? Arrow Icon

Yes. All generations of eero products will work as wifi extenders for your Ring Alarm Pro, but we recommend eero 6 Mesh Wifi Extenders, which are compatible with Ring Power Packs.

Set up Ring Alarm Pro as your primary internet router or “gateway” (meaning it should be plugged directly into your modem), and then set up your existing eero devices as wifi extenders using the eero app.

Note: We do not recommend using Ring Alarm Pro as a wifi extender for your existing router. Using your Alarm Pro as an extender will prevent you from accessing many of the Protect Pro subscription features, including 24/7 Backup Internet.

How do I upgrade my Ring Alarm to Ring Alarm Pro? Arrow Icon

We’ve made this step easy. Simply open the Ring app, begin to set up your Ring Alarm Pro, and choose the location which has the Ring Alarm Base Station that you’d like to replace. The app will help you save your Ring Alarm settings and devices, then restore them to your new Alarm Pro Base Station after it’s set up on your Ring account.

Does Ring have a glass break sensor? Arrow Icon

Ring Alarm pairs with Alexa-enabled devices and can listen for glass breaking with Alexa Guard. Alexa can also listen to existing Smoke/CO detectors for Smoke/CO alarms. If you have professional monitoring with Ring Protect Pro, you can also request emergency response.

Do I need to get a permit? Arrow Icon

If you have signed up for 24/7 professional monitoring, you may need a permit to dispatch emergency services. After signing up for Ring Protect Pro, you’ll get an email from our dedicated Permits Team so you can have everything you need to apply for your permit. In some cases, our team will handle the entire permitting process, but for others, we’ll walk you through every step to help you get your permit as quickly as possible.

Does Ring have special programs for HOAs and communities? Arrow Icon

Yes, we offer a number of customizable options and promotions to help keep communities safe. Please visit our community programs page to learn more.

*Example cost is an average based upon a June 2021 survey of home security companies.

1eero mesh wifi router provides up to 1500 sq. ft. of coverage. Adding eero Extenders expands coverage in larger homes. Internet connection speeds depend on your internet service provider. Maximum wireless signal rates are derived from IEEE standard 802.11 specification. Specifications assume wired ethernet connection, experienced speeds may vary based on network configuration. Coverage estimates are based on normal use conditions. Actual range and performance can vary, including due to factors such as interference, connected devices, device usage, building materials and obstructions. Specifications are based on use of a Wi-Fi 6 or later generation client device. Use of eero products and services, including the eero wifi router, requires creation of an eero account and agreement to eero’s Terms of Service, found at You can review eero’s Privacy Notice at

2eero networks and devices cannot be controlled in the Ring App. Use the eero App to control and manage your home’s eero network settings.

3Advanced online security features are available to US customers with eero Secure, which is included with a Ring Protect Pro subscription.

4Ring Alarm Pro and Ring Alarm professional monitoring service is available within the U.S. (all 50 states, but not U.S. territories) Ring does not own its own professional monitoring center. Additional charges may apply in areas that require permits or guard response service for alarm verification. Tax not included. Enrollment required.

5Extra data charges may apply. Cellular data is provided by a third party carrier. Coverage, uptime, technology, and speeds will vary. May require backup power if the power goes out. Visit for more details. Ring Alarm Pro is designed to be used as a router, as using Ring Alarm Pro as an extender may impact your ability to utilize Ring Protect Pro features.

6Your Ring videos are stored in the cloud temporarily, e.g., up to 60 days in the U.S. Check Ring Protect Subscription Plans for more information about your plan’s retention period.

7Guard Plus is available only to customers located in the U.S. You must have a supported Echo device to enable Guard Plus. To access Guard Plus benefits, you must link your Ring and Amazon accounts and complete Guard Plus setup in the Alexa app. The Alexa Emergency Helpline is not a 911 service and may not work during outages or if you're experiencing connectivity issues. Use of Guard Plus requires an Amazon account and agreement to Alexa Terms of Use, found here.

8Ring Alarm Pro, a microSD card, and a Ring Protect subscription, all sold separately, are required to use Ring Edge features. For more information, visit
Ring Edge is currently not available for Ring Video Doorbell 4, Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, Ring Video Doorbell (1st Gen), or Stick Up Cam (1st Gen). Ring Edge live view and stored videos will be initially available only in the Ring App and not on Coming soon.

9Actual savings vary depending on insurance carrier and policy. Example savings based on example home insurance premium of $1500 and at least 6.7% discount for alarm professional monitoring.