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Generating a Verification Code for Customer Support

Learn how to generate a code to verify your identity when speaking to our Customer Support Team.

Customer Support Verification

If you ever need to call our Customer Support Team, our associates will ask to verify your identity for security purposes with code you can generate in Control Center. Here's how:

    1. Open the Ring app and tap the menu (☰).
      • Or, log in to your account at Ring.com and click the
        home icon and then
    2. Scroll down and tap
      Control Center
    3. Tap
      Account Verification
    4. Under Customer Support Verification, tap
    5. Then tap
      Generate Code
    6. Provide the 6-digit code to the Customer Support associate.
    7. You have now verified your account by phone.

This code will allow your Customer Support associate temporary access to your account information like your email address, location, and device MAC ID to help resolve your issue.

Last updated 7 months ago