Ring Pet Portraits

Thank You Pet Parents

Sit and stay while we fetch our winner.

Thank you to everyone who shared a pet moment on Instagram or TikTok using #RingPets, you’ve helped us donate $500,000 to the ASPCA and local animal shelters! Now all that’s left is for Drew and the ASPCA to help decide who wins and which cute pet will be featured in an upcoming Ring commercial. Terms and conditions here.

Pets. Camera. Action!

Get ready fur your close-up.

It’s not easy to impress ultimate pet mom Drew Barrymore, but you’ve done it thanks to your overwhelmingly fun, funny and cute submissions. Drew is teaming up with the ASPCA right now to go through them and help pick one lucky pet to appear in an upcoming Ring commercial. In the meantime take a break, enjoy a treat, and maybe even go for a W-A-L-K.

We’ll be back soon to announce our winner.



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Ring Pet Portraits

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