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Why Your Ring Device May Be Offline

Learn tips to help troubleshoot your wifi when one or more of your Ring devices are offline.

Learn how to reconnect to wifi.

Top reasons why your Ring devices may be offline

  • Your location's internet may not be working, or your internet service provider is experiencing high traffic.
  • You recently changed to your wifi network, wifi password, or internet service provider (ISP).
  • You moved to a new location.
  • Your Ring device's internal battery may need to be recharged.
  • Your wired Ring device may not be receiving power, is unplugged, or the power is out.
  • Your Ring device may be too far from your wifi router.
  • Your Ring Chime Pro or wifi extender may be unplugged.

Error codes in the Ring app

If a device is offline, you may see blank tiles such as these in the Ring app

If your Ring device gets disconnected from wifi by network or battery error, you'll see red icon on your Device Dashboard in the Ring app, letting you know your device needs attention. 

Tap the red icon and follow the instructions on the error screen to help you troubleshoot your issue. You'll see an error code with alphanumeric characters (i.e. P1-65, P1-67, P5-01), along with suggestions of Things to Check and Things to Try.

Things to try

  • Make sure your Ring device has your most updated wifi network and password.
  • Check other devices around your home to see if they’re connected or disconnected to wifi. If other devices are not working, there may be an outage in your area.
  • Reboot your router by unplugging it for 30 seconds, then plugging it back in again.
  • Recharge the battery of your Ring device, or swap in a charged Battery Pack.

Improving your Ring device's battery life

Here a few reasons why your Ring device may be experiencing battery drain.

Frequent device use

When your Ring device’s motion settings are too sensitive or you frequently use Live View, your battery works harder. If you’re receiving motion alerts for lots of cars or pedestrian traffic, it may help to adjust your motion settings

Extreme weather

Sometimes extreme hot or cold weather can affect the battery, even when wired to power. If you see extreme weather in the forecast, be sure to charge your battery before. Learn more

Poor wifi signal strength

If your Ring device is receiving a poor signal from your wifi router, it uses battery when attempting to reconnect. Make sure your router is not being blocked by walls or furniture. This may be affecting your signal. Learn more

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