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Always Home Cam

A new kind of camera.That flies.

The world’s first flying indoor security camera for your home is coming soon.

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Always Home Cam in flight

One camera.Every angle.

Some indoor cameras just monitor the room. Ours can move around it when you’re away. Check in on command, or see what’s happening when Ring Alarm1 is triggered. Now you can be in two places at once.

Have a look around when you’re away.

Always Home Cam monitoring from a smartphone

Security on Command

Left a window open or the stove on? Create flight paths ahead of time so you can manually check in with the Ring App from anywhere.

Always Home Cam flying camera near a door

Or When It’s Triggered

If your Ring Alarm1 contact sensors or motion detectors are triggered, Always Home Cam can automatically fly to see what’s happening.

Always Home Cam in its casing on a table

Privacy-Forward Design

Always Home Cam is blocked when docked and only records when it leaves the dock to fly on a preset path customized by you.

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a bird’s eye view from the Always Home Cam shown on a smartphone

Innovation takes flight.

Equipped with navigation sensors, Always Home Cam moves safely inside your home – giving you a flexible point of view when you’re away. See what’s happening or fly to the action on your preset paths in the Ring App.

Bring yours home.

Always Home Cam is now available at Amazon by invitation only. Be the first to add it to your Ring of Security.

Always Home Cam hovering in a room above a white furniture  piece

Tech Specs

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Camera Dimensions: 7.50 in. x 7.50 in. x 5.52 in. (191mm x 191mm x 140mm)
Charging Dock Dimensions: 7.50 in. x 7.50 in. x 4.74 in. (191mm x 191mm x 121mm)


Camera: Charcoal
Charging Dock: White

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1440 x 1440 HD, In-Flight Live View

Field of View

120° horizontal, 120° vertical

Power and Connectivity Arrow Icon


Built-in rechargeable battery with included charging dock. Charging dock includes a 120V-220V USB-C power adapter.


Dual-band wifi 2.4GHz and 5GHz

Installation Arrow Icon

Operating conditions

32°F to 100°F (0°C to 40°C)

Setup requirements

Plug-in installation for charging dock. Clear, even surface to place charging dock with 1.7 ft (0.5m) on each side.

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Box Includes

Always Home Cam
Charging Dock
USB-C AC Power Adapter
Quick Start Guide
Security Sticker


1 year warranty on parts, lifetime purchase protection

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Always Home Cam be used outdoors?

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No. Always Home Cam is designed for indoor use only.

How does Always Home Cam work with other Ring devices?

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Always Home Cam is compatible with Ring Alarm Security System and Ring Alarm Pro Security System, which is sold separately. Train and trigger Always Home Cam to fly along specific flight paths whenever your Alarm contact sensors or motion detectors are triggered when in Away Mode. Always Home Cam does not currently work with other Ring devices outside of Alarm products.

What are the ways Always Home Cam can be triggered to take flight?

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You can initiate a flight path directly from your Ring App or link Always Home Cam to fly once the Ring Alarm contact sensors or motion detectors are triggered when in Away Mode. Ring Alarm is required for motion-initiated flights.

Can I manually intervene when Always Home Cam begins to fly?

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Unlike a traditional drone, Always Home Cam only flies along preset flight paths and does not allow users to manually intervene during flight. Once it is in flight, you'll be able to use the Ring app to command the camera to pause, resume, rotate, or end the flight. You can use the Ring app to command the camera to return to the charging dock mid-flight, but otherwise you will not be able to alter the flight path mid-flight.

Are there any limitations on the flight paths I set?

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Always Home Cam only flies along preset flight paths. Always Home Cam can accommodate up to 50 different flight paths. A single flight path can be up to 5 minutes. Always Home Cam can only operate on a single story of a home at a time. If you wish to have flight paths on multiple stories, you will need to purchase a separate Always Home Cam for each story of your home you want it to fly on.

What happens if there’s a new obstacle in the way of the preset flight path?

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If Always Home Cam encounters an unexpected obstacle, it will pause and abort the flight path, and return to the charging dock. You will also receive a push notification that the flight was not able to be completed.

Can Always Home Cam directly fly from one flight path to another?

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For your privacy, Always Home Cam can only fly along the exact flight paths you determined when setting up the device. Each flight path is treated individually. If you wish to check in on multiple paths, Always Home Cam will return to its charging dock and, if necessary, recharge before taking off on another flight path.

How long can Always Home Cam fly before needing to recharge?

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Always Home Cam can fly up to 5 minutes before needing to recharge.

Can I configure Always Home Cam to be used with multiple charging docks?

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No. Each Always Home Cam can only be used with a single charging dock.

Is Always Home Cam safe to use with pets?

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Like any new device, your pets may need time to adjust to the noise and motion of Always Home Cam. When you’re not home, before operating Always Home Cam, secure pets in a location away from the charging dock, the device, and its flight paths.

Is Always Home Cam loud?

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Always Home Cam is intended for use when no one is at home. It is about as loud as a vacuum or a blender during flight.

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