Ring Protect Plus

Video recording for all doorbells and cameras at one location.

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Subscription Features in Plus

Video History for all cameras and doorbells¹
Review videos recorded by your Ring cameras and doorbells at your location for up to 180 days.
Advanced Video Features
See even more of what matters to you with Live View Picture-in-Picture, Snapshot Capture +, and Multi-Cam Live View.²
10% Ring Protect Discount
Enjoy 10% off select Ring products at Ring.com and Amazon.com.
Person Alerts
Receive motion notifications only when people are detected.
Package Alerts
Receive notifications when packages are detected on compatible doorbells.
Rich Notifications
Receive a photo preview of an alert without opening the Ring app.
Enhanced Notifications
Customize how you keep up with what’s happening at your home with Priority Alerts (iOS only) and Event Summary.
Ring Alarm App Features⁵
Ability to arm and disarm Ring Alarm in the Ring app.
Extended Warranties⁶
All eligible Ring devices at your location will remain under warranty while subscribed.

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¹ Your Ring videos in the cloud are stored temporarily, up to 180 days. Changing your video storage time will only affect videos that are recorded after you adjust your storage time setting. Check Ring Protect Subscription Plans for more information.
² Ring takes recurring photo snapshots throughout the day, so you can see what is happening between events (videos) in your Event History Timeline. These photos in the cloud can be stored up to 14 days. Storage options vary based on your Ring Protect Subscription Plan. To keep important photos beyond 14 days, download them to your PC or mobile device.
³ Terms and conditions apply. Amazon discount requires linking your Ring and Amazon account.
Package Alerts work best with medium-to-large shipping boxes. Envelopes, tubes, small boxes, and food deliveries may not be detected. Make sure you have Motion Detection enabled in the Ring app.
Ring Alarm and all Ring Alarm accessories require a subscription for in-app features and digital notifications, including digital arming / disarming and integration with other Ring, Echo, Alexa, and third party products. Subscription sold separately. View ring.com/protect-plans for pricing and details.
For extended warranty coverage, "Eligible Ring Devices" are Ring devices covered by an active Protect Plus/Pro Plan, if the Ring device was under the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty period at the time you added the device to your Protect Plus/Pro Plan. Non-Ring and other third-party devices are not eligible for the extended warranty. In the U.S., in lieu of the Ring extended warranty, Eligible Ring Devices are covered via a service contract administered by SquareTrade, an Allstate company; SquareTrade/Allstate terms are available here. The cost for the Allstate Protection Plan is included in the cost of the Ring Protect Plan. You may purchase a standalone Allstate Plan by going to www.amazon.com and searching for an Allstate Plan.