Ring Alarm Pro mounted on the wall above a console table in a modern home.

Using Ring Alarm Pro During a Power Outage

Help Ring Alarm Pro protect your home even when the electricity is out with these tips on how to keep it powered and maintaining connection.

Using Alarm Pro when the power is out

When the power goes out, you have two options to keep your Ring Alarm Pro on.

  1. Alarm Pro has an internal backup battery inside the Base Station that can provide backup power. When using the internal battery, you may have limited access to Alarm features only.
  2. can provide external battery backup for your Alarm Pro. Connect up to 4 fully-charged Power Packs to a single Alarm Pro to use the alarm, cameras, and everything else on your wifi network. One Power Pack lasts for up to 8 hours.

Using 24/7 Backup Internet when the power and internet are both unavailable

When the AC power is out, or if you take your Alarm Pro to a location without a plug-in power source, you’ll want to use Ring Power Packs to keep the Base Station powered on. Power Packs are needed if you want to keep your eero wifi network online using the 24/7 Backup Internet feature included in your Ring Protect Pro subscription (and all Alarm Pro features).

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Last updated 8 months ago