Troubleshooting your Ring Alarm Motion Detector (1st Generation)

Follow these steps to help resolve issues with your Ring Alarm Motion Detector (1st Generation).


If your Motion Detector won’t connect

Move the Motion Detector closer to the Base Station. If this doesn’t work, try removing and replacing the battery

  1. Remove the cover from the device, then remove the battery.
  2. Wait a few seconds and then reinsert the battery.
  3. If nothing happens then try replacing the battery with a new one.

Plugging a Range Extender between your Motion Detector and your Base Station may also help if you're having connection issues.

How to remove your Motion Detector

  1. Open the Ring app.
  2. Tap the
    menu (☰)
  3. Tap
  4. Tap the
    Motion Detector
    under the Sensors section.
  5. Tap the
    Device Settings
  6. Tap
    Remove Device
    at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Confirm device removal by tapping
    Remove Device
    on the next screen.
  8. Tap
    Got it
    once your Motion Detector is successfully removed.

If your Ring Alarm Motion Detector (1st Generation) still won't connect

Follow these steps to remove and reset your Motion Detector:

  1. Remove the cover from the device.
  2. Remove the battery from the device.
  3. In the Ring app.
  4. Tap
    menu (☰).
  5. Tap
  6. Tap
    Alarm Base Station
    , then tap
    Base Station
  7. Tap
    Device Settings
    (the gear icon).
  8. Tap
    Advanced Options
  9. Tap
    , then tap
    Remove Z-Wave Device
    DO NOT TAP Reset Z-Wave Network
    This will remove your entire Ring Alarm network and you’ll need to reset every device.
  10. Tap
    and the app will say “Removing device, Listening for device to remove.”
  11. Insert the battery into the device. The device should be removed successfully and you may now set up the device again in the Ring app.

How to factory reset your Motion Detector

Important This will remove the device from your Alarm Base Station and reset the device to the original default settings.

  1. Ensure the battery is inserted and the cover is completely closed.
  2. Press and hold the reset button under the pinhole found on the back of the device. A paperclip works well.
  3. The LED on the front of the sensor should begin blinking. Hold the button down until the LED stops blinking.

If you have tried all of these steps and it still doesn’t work, review best practices for Ring Alarm Motion Detector setup and use. We also recommend reaching out to our Customer Support team for assistance.

Last updated 2 months ago