A homeowner installing Ring Video Doorbell 4 who is sliding in the Quick-Release rechargeable battery

Installing Video Doorbell 4 Without an Existing Doorbell

Welcome to your Video Doorbell 4. Follow these steps to install if you are planning to use the device for battery use, and not wiring to an existing doorbell.

Charge the provided battery.

  1. Fully charge the battery by plugging it into a power source using the provided Micro-USB cable.
    • The orange light on top of the battery will turn off when it is fully charged. Only the green light will remain illuminated.
  2. Insert the battery into the bottom of your Ring Video Doorbell 4 until it clicks into place.

Properly position Video Doorbell 4.

  1. Click the level tool (included in the box) into the small hole on the front of the Ring Video Doorbell 4 below the camera.
  2. Place the Ring Video Doorbell 4 next to your door at about 48 inches from the ground.
  3. Level the device using the level tool.
  4. Mark the positions for mounting holes with a pencil.

Drill holes.

Optional: Use a drill bit to drill guide holes where you marked the position of the mounting holes.

  1. If you are mounting the Ring Video Doorbell 4 on brick, concrete, or stucco, put the included plastic anchors into the holes. You may need to use a hammer to secure the anchors.
  2. If you are using the included optional adapter mounting plate on wood or vinyl, just use the included screws.

Place Video Doorbell 4 over the holes.

Don't forget to remove the level tool from the front of the device.

Screw in your Ring Video Doorbell 4.

Feed all the wires (and the wire nuts if you used them) into your wall and secure your Ring Video Doorbell 4 on the wall. Be sure you use all four included screws.

Install the Faceplate.

Place one of the provided faceplates on your Ring Doorbell by slotting it in at the top and clicking it into place.

Tighten the Security Screw.

Use one of the provided security screws and the star-shaped end of the screwdriver bit to secure the faceplate.

Tap for information on setting up your Ring Video Doorbell 4 in the Ring app.

Last updated 6 months ago