Ring Floodlight Cam Plus outside with its bright, motion-activated LED lights turned on at sunrise

Controlling Floodlights and Light Settings on All Floodlight Cams

Customize your Floodlight Cam's zone coverage, motion settings and light settings in the Ring app.

To access controls for your Floodlight Cam:

  1. Open the Ring app
  2. Tap the
    menu (☰).
  3. Tap
  4. Select the Floodlight Cam that you want to adjust
  5. Tap the
    Device Schedule
  6. Tap
    Light Schedules.
  7. Follow the prompts in the Ring app to customize your light schedules.

Light control and settings features

Lights toggle

You can find the Lights toggle on your device dashboard in the Ring app, above the Motion Alerts toggle. Toggle this control to manually turn the floodlights on (blue) and off (white).

This overrides any other setting or controls that are set in the Ring app. Regardless of whether you've scheduled the lights to be on or off or whether it's day or night, this toggle will always turn your lights on or off.

You can manually override your Floodlight Cam settings by quickly turning it on and off via a physical switch. To turn off your floodlights after a power cycle, use the manual lights control in your Ring app.

Motion Control Settings

Using your Motion Control settings, you can adjust the range and distance at which motion will turn your floodlights on. Your floodlights use passive infrared detectors (PIR) to detect motion in three 90 degree arcs around the device. You can turn these on or off independently from each other.

Light Scheduling

Use this control to automatically turn your floodlights on for a set period. Keep in mind your light schedule will always be overridden by the Light toggle.

Last updated 7 months ago