Ring Video Doorbell Pro on a modern home's front door.

Fixing Wiring and Power Issues for Wired Doorbell Plus (formerly Video Doorbell Pro)

Learn how to fix power issues for Wired Doorbell Plus.

How to tell if Wired Doorbell Plus is not getting enough power

If your Wired Doorbell Plus is having issues after first installing, oftentimes this is due to an error during the installation process. Symptoms include:

  • Frequent shutdowns
  • Regularly loses connection to your wifi network
  • Has poor motion detection
  • Video freezes during live events
  • Night vision isn't working
  • You internal doorbell chime doesn't sound when the doorbell is pressed

Fixing power issues on Wired Doorbell Plus

Before you get started, make sure you have the most up to date mobile device operating system (iOS or Android) and the latest version of the Ring app. Learn more.


Check the wiring on Pro Power Kit

Your Ring Wired Doorbell Plus must be properly connected to the Pro Power Kit to receive power and function normally.

Learn how to wire and install the Pro Power Kit


Use correct wire gauge

When hardwiring your device, the wire gauge needs to be big enough to transmit adequate power.

See if your wire gauge falls within the appropriate size range.


Confirm transformer has enough voltage

Your hardwired doorbell transformer needs to have enough voltage to power your device. Your Ring Wired Doorbell Plus requires a power source supplying a minimum of 16 volts AC.

Learn how to check the voltage on Wired Doorbell Plus.

If your existing unit isn’t supplying enough power, you’ll need to upgrade your transformer.

Last updated 5 months ago