Ring Alarm Pro mounted on the wall above a console table in a modern home.

Using 24/7 Cellular Backup with Ring Alarm Pro During an Internet Outage

Stay protected during an internet outage or in an area without internet connection (via a modem and ethernet) by using Ring’s cellular data for Ring Alarm Pro.

The Ring Protect Pro subscription offers 24/7 Backup Internet when you need it. This means that if the internet goes out, or if you don’t have internet service, you can use cellular data to connect all devices on your wifi network to the internet.

The 24/7 Backup Internet feature included with the Ring Protect Pro plan gives you 3GB of data every month. If you need more, you can opt in to Extra Data, and you’ll only pay for data you use. We recommend opting in to Extra Data if you’re using Alarm Pro at a location without an internet connection.

If you don’t opt in to Extra Data and use up your 3GB for the month, Alarm Pro will switch to Alarm Cellular Backup which provides access to only critical Ring Alarm security features. When an internet connection is restored, Alarm Pro will automatically switch back to using it. Your 3GB will reset on the first day of the new billing cycle.

What happens to Alarm Pro when both power and internet service is unavailable?

Your Ring Alarm Pro has an internal battery used for alarm security only. If you don’t have any Power Packs and you lose power, your Alarm Pro will switch to the internal battery and shut down most features, including wifi, to conserve power. You’ll only be able to arm and disarm your alarm, and if an emergency is detected, the siren will sound. (If you have Protect Pro and are enrolled in professional monitoring, Alarm Pro will also send the signal out to the monitoring center while on battery backup.)

If you have one or more fully charged Ring Power Packs connected to your Alarm Pro, you’ll have access to all of your Ring Alarm Pro features, including wifi and Ring Edge local video processing and storage. For more information about Ring Edge, click here.

Last updated 6 months ago