A homeowner plugging in a Stick Up Cam.

Where to Put Your Ring Security Cameras

Keep an eye on every corner of your home by properly placing your Security Cameras.

Security Camera placement tips

  • Try to place your cameras so people travel across the field of view. The sensors are better at catching movement and faces this way. People travelling directly towards or away from the camera may not trigger a motion alert as quickly.
  • Place your cameras to monitor an area each. To monitor a yard, the cars across the street and a driveway, you will probably need multiple cameras.
  • Secure obvious points of entry and valuables:
    • Front door
    • Back door
    • Side doors or first floor windows out of sight of the street
    • Garages
    • Basements and basement staircases
    • Second floor windows
    • Safes
    • Bedrooms
    • Offices
  • Consider how you’re going to power your cameras. Battery, Plug-In Adapter, solar or hardwired?

How to properly install your Security Camera

To help you properly install your cameras, remember to:

  • Place your cameras at the right height. Too high and your camera may not be at the right angle to catch people’s faces. Too low and they could be vulnerable to tampering.
    • Indoors: 2 meters off of the ground (recommended).
    • Outdoors 3 meters off of the ground with a 20-degree tilt (recommended).
  • Avoid placing cameras to detect motions through windows, mosquito nets and similar transparent barriers, as this interferes with motion detection accuracy.
  • Use Live View to make sure your camera is at the right angle. Get someone to help by placing a camera while you watch Live View to ensure you can see people’s faces and that your camera isn’t facing a blind spot.
  • Make sure some of your cameras are visible. Visible cameras can be great deterrents against intruders.
  • Make sure your placement area has strong wifi. Use network stretchers such as the Ring Chime Pro to make sure you have a clear and strong signal.

Finally, practice being a good neighbor and remember to:

  • Respect people’s privacy. Don’t point your cameras in such a way that they might look into a neighbor’s window or their garden. You can check local regulations about recording audio and video at businesses or in public spaces. It is your responsibility to set up your Ring video recording devices in compliance with your local laws.
  • Depending on where you live, there may also be Housing Association tenets to take into account.

Placing your security cameras

Model family
Where to place
Indoor Cam
For indoor use only.
Ideally, not used to detect motion through a window.
Place near a power outlet.
Use on a flat surface like a table or bookshelf, or mount on a wall, in the corner or on the ceiling.
Stick Up Cam
For indoor and outdoor use.
Use on a flat surface or mount on a wall, in the corner or on the ceiling.
When using indoors, don’t place them to detect motion through a window.
Can be used in tight spaces.
Spotlight Cam
For outdoor use.
Two spotlights, so you can use them even in areas with poor existing lighting.
Built-in siren.
Covers your garden, dark corners or paths.
Floodlight Cam
For outdoor use.
Two independently adjustable floodlights.
Built-in siren.
Requires hardwiring into your home’s junction box.
DIY skill or professional installation may be needed.
Can cover large areas around your home’s exterior like front lawns or back gardens.
Always powered and designed to be used as a centrepiece of your security plan.

Learn about Camera Motion Zones and the Ring app's motion detection settings.

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