Ring Alarm Base Station with the Keypad and Stick Up Cam on a console in a modern home

Managing Your Saved Base Station Settings

When you replace or upgrade your Base Station, we will securely save all of the Ring Alarm and Z-Wave devices and settings on your current Base Station.

Your Ring Alarm devices and settings will be saved for 30 days.

After 30 days, your settings will be deleted. We recommend that you set up your new Base Station within 30 days to make sure that your settings can be moved to your new system.

If you do not move your saved devices and settings to your new Base Station when asked, they will be deleted.

You cannot save these settings for a later date, and once they are deleted, they cannot be restored.

Your Ring Alarm settings can only be moved to a new Base Station on the same Ring app location.

You cannot move the settings from a Base Station on a different Ring app location at this time.

If you plan to move the Ring Alarm devices and settings to a new Base Station, and then set up the Base Station at a new physical address, we recommend that you:

  1. Choose the same Ring app location and complete the new Base Station set up.
  2. Change your Ring location address. To do this, open the Ring app, tap to open the menu, tap
    Settings > Change address.
  3. If you have professional monitoring, you’ll be asked to agree to end professional monitoring, then tap
  4. After you change your address, in the menu tap
    Settings > Monitoring
    and enroll in professional monitoring again.

If you delete the saved devices and settings, and want to add your security devices to any Base Station at a later date, you’ll need to factory reset and each device before you can add it.

If you want to learn more about replacing your Base Station, this video may help. 

Last updated 5 months ago