A Ring Video Doorbell owner applying settings to their Ring account in the Ring app.

Optimizing Motion Alerts with Motion Frequency

Adjust how often you receive motion alerts and preserve battery life with Motion Frequency in the Ring app.

The Motion Frequency control allows you to reduce alerts from repetitive patterns of motion or increase alerts so you get notified about the motion events that matter to you.

How to adjust Motion Frequency

  1. Tap the
    on the top left of the
  2. Tap
    • Select the device you'd like to adjust.
  3. Tap
    Motion Settings
  4. Tap
    Advanced Settings
  5. Tap
    Motion Frequency
  6. Select
    • Frequently:
      Motion detection always stays active. Shortest battery life.
    • Regularly:
      Motion detection takes a short break after each Motion Alert. Medium battery life.
    • Periodically
      : Motion detection takes a longer break after each alert. Maximum battery life.
  7. Tap
    in the upper right corner.

Last updated 6 months ago