Ring Stick Up Cam (2nd Generation) placed on a desk watching over an office

Using Stick Up Cam Battery (2nd Gen) Advanced Settings

Once your Stick Up Cam, Battery has been set up, you can get the most out of it by using the device's advanced settings.

This article will describe what functions are available with advanced settings.

Accessing Advanced Settings

To access your Stick Up Cam's advanced settings:

  • Open your Ring app.
  • Tap on the three lines on the top left. 
  • Select Stick Up Cam Battery.
  • Once you see your Stick Up Cam you'll have options to:
    • Record Motion
      and enable 
      Motion Alerts
    • Change
      Device Settings
    • Change
      Motion Settings
    • Use

Device Settings

Device Settings allow you to change Video Settings, Alert Settings, Privacy Settings, General Settings (change device name, change your location (address) or change your device location) remove a Ring device from your Ring app, and learn about Ring Partners.

Click here to learn more about Locations.

Motion Settings

Motion Settings allow you to change Motion Zones, adjust Motion Verification, set a Motion Schedule, set Motion Frequency.

Ring is always working toward improving your home security experience. Customizable Motion Zones have been a standard feature on wired Ring devices for some time, but they are now an option for Ring neighbors using battery-powered devices.

To find out more about Customizable Motion Zones for Ring battery-powered devices, click here.


Mode settings allow you control all of your Ring Doorbells and cameras at once to meet your needs regardless of whether you're home or away. 

To learn more about Modes, click here.

Last updated 6 months ago