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Downloading and Updating the Ring App

Learn how to download the Ring app and update your mobile device's version of the Ring app. 

Downloading the Ring app for your mobile device

The Ring app is available for phones and tablets in the Apple and Google Play stores.

You can also visit ring.com/app to directly download the Ring app on your mobile phone.

  1. Open the app store on your mobile device. 
  2. Search for "Ring".
  3. Download the Ring app.

Learn how to create a Ring account

Updating the Ring app on your mobile phone

For the latest features and fixes, make sure to update the Ring app to the latest version. To get started, choose your mobile device's operating system below:

Troubleshooting your Ring app update

If you're having trouble getting the latest version of the Ring app, here are a few things to try. 

Make sure your mobile device is on wifi.

If you have poor cellular signal, your mobile device may be pausing your update until its on wifi. Try connecting to a wifi network.

Make sure your mobile device has enough storage.

For apps to update, most mobile devices require 3-5 GB (gigabytes) of space. Try backing up your photos and videos to the cloud, or uninstalling apps you don't use.

Confirm your mobile device is compatible to update.

If you have iOS 13 (or lower) or Android 8 (or lower), your mobile device's operating system may be unable to use the Ring app. Since the release of these operating system versions, we've made significant security updates to help protect your Ring account. 

Learn more about Compatible Mobile Devices

Restart your mobile device.

Sometimes phones and tablets just need to be restarted. After restart, attempt to update the Ring app again in your settings or app store.

Uninstall and reinstall the Ring app. 

If you uninstall the Ring app on your mobile device then reinstall the Ring app from your app store, you will download the latest version. Don't worry, you won't lose access to your Ring videos, settings, and Event History.

Last updated 4 months ago