Setting up and linking your Ring Chime Pro

Learn how to set up Chime Pro and link it to your Ring devices at the same location.

Setting up Chime Pro in the Ring app

With Chime Pro, you can hear Chime Alerts when something happens on your Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras at the same location.

  1. From the Ring app main dashboard, tap
    Set Up a Device
    at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select
  3. Scan the
    QR code
    on your Ring device (or product packaging) and follow instructions in the app.
  4. Select the
    where you would like to set up your Chime Pro.
  5. Name your Chime Pro.
  6. Plug Chime Pro into a socket somewhere between your wifi router and any of your Ring devices that you plan to connect to your Chime Pro.
  7. Continue to follow the instructions in the app to connect Chime Pro to your wifi using your wifi network and password.

Your Chime Pro is ready to go.

Link another Ring device to Chime Pro in the Ring app

Chime Pro helps boost your wifi to Ring devices at the same location. Here is how to link other Ring devices to your Chime Pro:

  1. Tap
    menu (☰)
    in the Ring app
  2. Tap
  3. Tap the device you want to connect to the Chime Pro.
  4. Tap
    Linked Chimes
  5. Choose which Chimes should amplify ring and motion alerts from your device.
    • Tap Rings or Motion Detected to activate your Chime to alert you. 

Your Ring device is linked to your Chime Pro.

Best practices for Chime Pro

  • When setting up, plug in Chime Pro close to your wifi router.
  • Once set up, move your Chime Pro halfway, where possible, between the router and the Ring devices that need a better wifi connection.
  • to make sure it is receiving a good wifi signal from your router.
  • If your Chime Pro has trouble re-connecting, it might be due to interference. Some causes of interference include:
    • Materials such as stucco, brick or concrete.
    • House appliances likes microwaves.
  • Make sure your wifi can provide adequate upload speeds for your Ring devices through the Chime Pro. Chime Pro has a recommended minimum upload speed of 2 Mbps per device. Significantly lower upload speeds can cause poor video quality and other performance issues. Contact your internet service provider if upload speeds are insufficient.

Last updated 1 week ago