Install your Ring Video Doorbell Pro with a Plug-In Adapter

Install your Ring Video Doorbell Pro with the Plug-In Adapter included in your box with this step-by-step guide.

1. Choose a socket

Select a power outlet near the door where you plan to install your Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

Don't plug the power adapter in yet.


2. Run the cable

Run the cable down from the outlet to your molding and then choose a path to your Video Doorbell Pro.

Secure the cable to the wall with the provided cable clips.

The cable can be run through your walls, or through a door or window if desired.

Always be careful of existing electrical wiring and pipes when drilling through walls.


3. Attach the wires

Attach the power cables to the terminals on the rear of your Ring Video Doorbell Pro.


4. Install and set up your Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Click here for instructions on setting up the Ring Video Doorbell Pro in your Ring app.

Set "Doorbell Type" to "None" in the Ring app.

In the Ring app, select your Ring Doorbell Pro, then tap the gear icon and select "Doorbell Kit Settings."

Select "None" and save your settings.

Do not skip this step or your Ring Doorbell may be damaged.

5. Plug in the Plug-In Adapter

The front light on your Ring Video Doorbell should illuminate to indicate that it's powered properly.

If your Ring Doorbell has never been set up, the front light will sin, indicating that your Ring has entered setup mode.


6. Test your Ring Doorbell


7. Connect a Ring Chime or Ring Chime Pro (optional)

You can connect an Alexa-enabled device, Ring Chime or Ring Chime Pro to your doorbell, if you'd still like an internal chime as well as notifications through your phone.

The Ring Chime plugs into any standard power socket and works with your Ring Video Doorbell Pro to let you know when you have a visitor even if your phone is in the other room.

Read more about using Alexa-enabled devices with your Video Doorbell here.

Last updated 4 months ago