A Ring Video Doorbell owner applying settings to their Ring account in the Ring app.

Adjusting the Light and Motion Settings

Would you like to change the brightness of your Ring Smart Lights, or alter the number of Motion Alerts you receive? This article will help you optimize Ring Smart Lighting in the Ring app and explain various controls available to best utilize your Ring Smart Lights. 

If you would like general information on Ring Smart Lighting, tap here. 

Smart Lights Manual "Lights" Control

The manual "Lights" control is the control that appears when you tap the “Lights” tile in your Ring App. There are two controls on this panel: 

  1. Manual On/Off:
    This control overrules any other setting or controls that are set with the Ring app. Regardless of time of day or scheduled settings — this control will always turn on or off your lights.
  2. Brightness:
    This control slider will adjust the brightness of your Smart Lights when they are turned on. The slider ranges from "1" or the dimmest setting to "10" for the brightest setting. For best battery life, select the lowest brightness that works for you.

Motion Settings

Tap on the "Motion Settings" tile for access to the Motion Detection controls and settings. Your motion control settings are where you'll adjust the distance at which motion will turn your Smart Lights on. There are two controls on this panel: 

Manual On/Off: This control turns your motion detector on or off.

Motion Sensitivity: This control has four levels that will determine how sensitive your motion detection will be. Try adjusting this control if you find you are receiving too many false alarms or not enough motion alerts. The three settings are: 

  • Low
    : Try this setting if the light is turning on too often.
  • Medium
    : The default setting, which is ideal for most setups.
  • High
    : Monitor the largest possible area with the most sensitivity. 
  • Custom:
      When “Custom” is chosen, a slider will appear, allowing you to customize the motion sensitivity level.