A Ring Video Doorbell owner applying settings to their Ring account in the Ring app.

Keeping Your Ring Account Secure

Learn tips to help keep your Ring account secure.

Ring account security tips

Customer trust is important to us and we take the security of our devices and services extremely seriously. We highly encourage all Ring users to follow these security best practices to ensure your Ring account stays secure.

Confirm how want to receive your sign-in code.

Under Account Verification in Control Center, you can choose how you want to receive your 6-digit verification code whenever you sign in to the Ring app or your account at Ring.com. We require you to enter this code to help protect your Ring account. 

Don't share your password. Add Shared Users instead.

Never provide your Ring login information to others. If you want to share access to your Ring devices with other people, you can add them as a Shared User. This allows you to maintain control of your account. When adding Shared Users, tell them to create a secure password.

Use different passwords for every account.

By using different usernames and passwords for your various accounts, you reduce the risk that a malicious actor could reuse credentials compromised from one account to access your other accounts.

Learn more about password safety

As a Ring neighbor, your safety is our highest priority. We’re committed to helping you keep your home safe and protected – and that means keeping you informed with best practices for your online security, too. 

If you did not authorize changes made to your account like an updated email, phone number, or any other setting, we recommend to change your password immediately.

Last updated 7 months ago