A delivery person pressing Ring Battery Doorbell Plus at someone's front door

Charging your Ring Video Doorbell battery with Hardwiring

If you've hardwired your battery-operated Ring video doorbell, your Quick Release Battery Pack may occasionally need to be recharged.

Unlike a hardwired Ring doorbell (e.g. Ring Doorbell Pro), a battery-operated doorbell does not use the electricity generated by the hardwiring to power its regular operations. Instead, it uses the provided rechargeable battery to detect motion and generate a Live View. The charge from the hardwiring supplies a trickle-charge to the battery. Depending on what functions the doorbell is performing, the battery may drain faster than the hardwiring charge can keep up with.

Is there anything I can do to extend the amount of time between battery recharges?

Yes. Since the amount of power used is dependent on your settings and the functions your doorbell is performing, here are a few tips to maximize battery life: