Ring Video Doorbell Pro on a modern home's front door.

Learning Light Patterns for Wired Doorbell Plus (formerly Video Doorbell Pro)

The LED light on the front of your Ring Wired Doorbell Plus indicates the status of your unit. A solid white light means it's either in idle mode or recording.

Additional descriptions of light patterns are shown below: 

Flashing Light Pattern
LEDs around the button spin blue
Ordinary button press
LEDs around the button spin white
Attempting to set up wifi when the device doesn't have any saved wifi credentials. Times out after 10 minutes.
Blue light moving upwards
In the process of connecting to network during setup
White light flashing on and off
Firmware update in progress
Blue circle is flashing, one second on, one second off
Device is booting up
Solid blue light
The speaker has been enabled
LEDs flash four times
Successful set up.
Note: It can take up to an hour for Ring Wired Doorbell Plus to fully power on upon first installation.
Flashing white light at the top of the circle
Setup failed - password error
Flashing white light at the right of the circle
Setup failed - couldn't connect to Ring network
Flashing white light at the left of the circle
Setup failed - another reason
Short rapid flashing burst of blue light, followed by a spinning white circle
Factory restore
Top half blue flashing
During setup - bad password / after connection to power - device is charging
Bottom half red flashing
Device is not receiving enough power

Last updated 3 months ago