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Charging the Battery for Ring Video Doorbells

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Find out which doorbell model you have in the Ring app.

Use a common micro-USB cable, such as the orange one included in your Ring product box. Simply plug it into any USB power source. Your battery can take around 5-10 hours to fully charge, depending on whether the USB cable is plugged into a USB port or a wall outlet.

  • Only
    the Ring Video Doorbell (1st Generation) and Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) are charged by removing the entire doorbell unit from the mount.
  • All other battery-powered Ring Video Doorbells (Ring Video Doorbell 2, Ring Video Doorbell 3, Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus, Ring Video Doorbell 4, Ring Battery Video Doorbell Plus and Ring Battery Doorbell Pro) have
    under the faceplates. 
  • If your battery-powered doorbell is hardwired or has a solar charger, it receives a trickle charge from those sources and may still need to have the battery charged. 

How to charge your Ring Video Doorbell battery

For Ring Video Doorbell (1st Generation) and Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation)

  1. Remove the security screws at the base of the doorbell and lift the doorbell up and away from the mounting bracket.
  2. Plug your micro-USB cable into the port on the back of the device.
  3. When the battery is fully charged, the blue LED light will be fully lit. Unplug the micro-USB cord and reattach the device to the mounting bracket using the security screws.

For Video Doorbell 2, Video Doorbell 3, Video Doorbell 3 Plus, Video Doorbell 4, Battery Doorbell Plus and Battery Doorbell Pro

  1. Unscrew the faceplate
    from the doorbell and
    remove the faceplate
    by pressing in on the sides and carefully pulling it out and off.
  2. Remove the battery by pressing the
    release tab
  3. Connect the
    micro-USB charger
    to the battery's charging port. During charging, both the red and green lights will illuminate. Your battery is fully charged when only the solid green light is on.
  4. Slide the
    fully charged battery
    back into the doorbell until it clicks in place. 
  5. Place the faceplate back
    on by slotting it in at the top and clicking it into place.
  6. Your doorbell will power up and be
    ready for use

Once you reinstall the doorbell or the battery, give your doorbell a test ring. This will reset the battery percentage in the Ring app. You will not see an updated battery status until your doorbell is reinstalled and it reconnects to your wifi network.

How to check your battery charge in the Ring app

  1. Tap the
    menu (☰)
    on the top left.
  2. Tap
  3. Tap the doorbell you want to check.
  4. Tap
    Power Settings.
  5. Under
    Battery Status,
    you'll see
    Battery Level.
  6. Below Battery Status, you'll see
    Feature Power Usage.
    Feature Power Usage shows you the features that affect battery life. You can adjust the features you're using to optimize your battery life.

Troubleshoot doorbell batteries that drain too fast.

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