A Ring Alarm Contact Sensor protecting a sliding glass door inside a modern home

Contact Sensor False Alarm Tips

Discover useful setup tip for your Ring Contact Sensors to help you avoid false alarms.

  1. Review your Contact Sensor to ensure you've set it up your device correctly.
  2. Use the right placement settings.
    1. Set a door you use often to
      Main Door
    2. Set a door you rarely use to
      Secondary Door.
    3. Always set windows to the
  3. to give you enough time to enter, exit, and use your alarm without setting off false alarms. 
  4. Close doors and windows tightly to ensure they are shut. If your door or window pops open, it can set off a false alarm.
  5. Securely attach Contact Sensors and Magnets to your doors and windows. If it falls off while armed, it could set off a false alarm.

Last updated 7 months ago