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Tips for Installing Outdoor Contact Sensor

Your Outdoor Contact Sensor can be installed almost anywhere on the outside of your home or building, but we recommend choosing a spot that includes the following considerations:

Note: Before you can begin mounting the sensor, you first need to follow the steps in the Ring app and add it to your Ring Alarm.

  • Safe access
    : You should install the Outdoor Contact Sensor in a spot where you can access the batteries easily.
  • Within Z-Wave range
    : Within range of your Ring Alarm or a Range Extender, to ensure that the Outdoor Contact Sensor can communicate with your system.
  • Spacing
    : Make sure there’s 1 inch (2.5 cm) of space around the Outdoor Contact Sensor so you can remove and replace the batteries when necessary.
  • Multiple mounting methods:
    We strongly suggest using more than one mounting method. Included you will have mounting tape, along with screws and anchors. You can also mount the sensor with tape and metal strap ties for poles, or screws and metal strap ties. We don’t recommend mounting with the tape only.
  • Location:
    We advise mounting the Outdoor Contact Sensor near the top of the gate or door. Mounting it close to the ground might make it more likely to be damaged by animals, flooding, or lawn care equipment.

Click here for Outdoor Contact Sensor mounting instructions.

Last updated 7 months ago