A homeowner drawing Privacy Zones for a device in the Ring app

Learn About Privacy Zones

Use Privacy Zones to black out areas you want to exclude from Live View or video recording, such as a neighbor’s apartment door.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Privacy Zone?

A Privacy Zone is an area within your Ring device camera's field-of-view that you can define as off-limits. The Ring app won't display anything in that area in Live View and that area won't be video recorded.

Why would I use a Privacy Zone?

Privacy Zones are designed to allow you to designate an area in your Ring device camera’s field of view as off-limits, so as to help you control what you want to see or record. You may, for example, cover your neighbor's apartment door or window with a privacy zone.

What do Privacy Zones look like on the Ring app or in a video recording?

Privacy Zones appear as black rectangles in the Ring app and on video. Note the image below with a privacy zone around it.

A Privacy Zone box drawn over a doorway

How many Privacy Zones can I create?

You can create up to 2 Privacy Zones.

If something happens in a Privacy Zone that I need to see, can those images be recovered?

No. The Privacy Zone is literally a dead zone in the image production process of the camera. Nothing that happens in them can be viewed or recovered.

What's the smallest Privacy Zone I can create?

Each Privacy Zone has a minimum size of approximately 15% of the screen.

Can I draw privacy zones in a particular shape?

No. Privacy Zones can only be rectangular.

If I move my device, for example, change its orientation or (for a Peephole Cam) open the door, will the Privacy Zone stay where it is?

No. If you change your device's field of view orientation, it will change what area the Privacy Zone covers. Each zone can be thought of as a small piece of tape over the lens. As a result, if you move the Peephole Cam, the Privacy Zone will shift with the Peephole Cam while the door is opening or closing.

Will I still receive Motion Alerts from a Privacy Zone?

Whether or not you receive Motion Alerts from a Privacy Zone depends upon the device you have and the settings in your Ring app.

  • If you have a wired device, you won't get motion detection or motion notifications from a privacy zone. 
  • If you have a battery-powered device, and have enabled People Only Mode, no motion will be detected. 
  • If you have a battery-powered device and People Only Mode is disabled, motion will be detected in the privacy zone. You will receive a motion notification, but there will not be a recording of the motion if you have a Ring Protect Plan.    

Last updated 5 months ago