Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) on a modern home's front door.

Solar Charger for Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) Information

Ring Solar Charger for Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) is a solar power source that can be mounted behind your Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation). Ring Solar Charger is a convenient power source to help charge and extend the battery life of your Video Doorbell (2nd Generation).

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Tech Specs

What comes in the box?

  • Solar Charger
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual
  • Mounting screw & anchors

What are the dimensions of Ring Solar Charger?

5.8 in x 3.7 in x 0.6 in (14.8 cm x 9.3 cm x 1.4 cm)

What are the technical specs of Ring Solar Charger?

  • Power:
    Requires hours of direct sunlight
  • Solar Power Rating:
    0.57W; 5.2V DC
  • Weather resistant
  • Built-in power cable

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Solar Charger with my Ring Doorbell (1st Generation), Ring Video Doorbell 2, or Ring Video Doorbell 3 or 3 Plus?

No. Ring Solar Charger is specifically configured to work with Video Doorbell (2nd Generation).

Can I use Solar Charger inside?

Solar Charger is not recommended for use indoors. Indoor light sources will not provide enough energy to charge your Ring Video Doorbell.

Is Ring Solar Charger weather resistant?

Yes. Solar Charger should give you reliable service through most weather conditions.

I live in an area that gets mostly cloudy, rainy days. Will Ring Solar Charger work for me?

No. Solar Charger requires a certain amount of direct sunlight in order to increase the battery life before a change is needed.

How do I mount Ring Solar Charger?

You can mount Ring Solar Charger directly into wood using the provided screws and screwdriver. We do not recommend mounting the Ring Solar Charger on porches or in shady areas.

After I mount Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) in the Solar Charger, do I need to activate it in the Ring app?

No. Solar Charger is just a power source. As soon as you plug it into the Video Doorbell it starts working, though it needs several hours of direct sunlight.

Once Solar Charger starts working, does that show up in the Ring app?

No. The Device Health page for your Ring Video Doorbell will continue to show that the power source is a battery.

Is it normal for the blue light to go on and off? Does this mean it's charging?

No. If your Ring Video Doorbell does this, it means that it is still installing a firmware update. Give it a few minutes to complete. 

Do I have to drill new holes in the wall to install the Solar Charger?

No. Solar Charger can be mounted using the same holes as the original bracket. If you have used a corner or wedge mount, you will need to drill new holes.

Does Ring Solar Charger have a warranty?

Yes, a 1-year parts and labor and lifetime theft protection.

Learn more about Ring's Limited Warranty.

What is Ring's refund policy?

You have 30 days from the date you received your device(s) to request a full refund. There is no charge for returns that are within the 30-day refund time period.

What is someone steals my Ring device?

Tap for more information on the theft policy.

I tried to recharge my battery on a very cold or hot day and the battery wouldn't recharge. What's going on?

If the battery is too hot or too cold, your Ring device may not charge as expected. Bring the battery inside and allow it to return to room temperature before trying to recharge the battery.

Where should I install my Ring Solar Charger?

The included mounting equipment makes Ring Solar Charger easy to install almost anywhere, but it is best to install it in a location that receives several hours of direct sunlight per day.

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