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Using the Offline Delivery Feature in the Ring App with Amazon Key

Linked cameras will record your Amazon Key-In Garage Delivery if you have a Ring Protect subscription. The recordings will be available in your Ring app timeline after the driver delivers your package. It is recommended to enable the Offline Delivery setting when linking your security cameras. This way, the delivery driver can securely deliver your package, even if the camera is unable to record the delivery.

Linking your Ring Security Camera to Amazon Key in the Ring app from Key Delivery Settings

After you have set up Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery, you can link your security cameras to this access point and get recordings of the deliveries. You’ll need a Ring Protect subscription to receive your recordings for the delivery.

1. Open the Ring app.

2. Tap the three lines (≡) on the top left.

3. Tap Amazon Key Delivery.

4. Tap the cog icon on the top right.

5. On the In-Garage Delivery screen, tap Delivery Settings.

6. Tap Linked Camera.

7. Tap Link Camera to see the list of eligible security cameras on the current Location.

  • Enable the
    Live View
    of your camera, if prompted.

8. Turn ON Offline Delivery.

9. Save Settings.

Some reasons your camera may be unable to record:

  • Intermittent or weak wifi connectivity on the camera.
  • Live View is disabled due to Video Settings.
  • Live View is disabled due to Mode Settings.
  • Restricted Privacy Settings on your camera.
  • Battery level on the camera is too low to record.

Last updated 5 months ago