A home office desk with an eero router and laptop.

Improving Your Wifi Performance

Learn how to improve wifi performance if you're experiencing problems with Live View, a poor device connection, or receiving notifications.

Reduce the impact of obstructions

Example of physical obstructions

Walls, floors, furniture, and appliances can all block and weaken wifi signals. To improve performance, try the following suggestions:

  • If your wifi router is inside a cabinet, closet, or hidden behind or under furniture, move it out into the open—at least six inches from any wall.
  • Move your wifi router to a room that is closer to your Ring devices, if possible.
  • Add a Ring Chime Pro or a mesh networking system to extend your wifi network's range.

Move your router and Ring devices closer together

wifi distance example

Even with the best wifi router and minimal obstructions, wifi signals get weaker the further they travel. If your router is far away from your Ring products, consider moving it closer, or add a Ring Chime Pro or upgrade to a mesh network system to extend your wifi network's coverage.

Disconnect other devices from your wifi

A router connected to many devices

If many devices are connected to your wifi network (such as phones, computers, or TVs), they may slow your connection enough to affect your Ring products. To free up your wifi network, disconnect devices you seldom use and connect heavy-use devices using Ethernet, if available.

Update your router

An older model of wifi router

As phones, computers, and other devices improve, they demand more from your wifi router. Some older routers (more than a few years old) don’t work as well when supporting multiple modern devices.

If you suspect your wifi router may be in need of an upgrade, contact your internet service provider for options.

Learn about RSSI values and wifi signal strength.

Last updated 6 months ago