A Ring Video Doorbell owner applying settings to their Ring account in the Ring app.

Firmware Updates For Your Ring Devices

Firmware is software that helps Ring devices automatically get regular updates.

Frequently asked questions

How do I update my Ring device's firmware?

You can update your device's firmware in the Ring app. Learn how.

What is firmware and how is it updated?

Firmware is a software that's embedded in Ring devices that keep it up to date. When you first set up a Ring device, updates are applied, after set up, firmware will make updates automatically. 

Note: Do not press the Set Up Button or remove your Ring device from power while your Ring device is updating.

Can I use my Ring device during firmware updates?

Battery-powered devices cannot be used while updating. Wired devices can be used while updating, but performance can be temporarily affected. 

How do I know when my Ring device is updating?

The light on the front of your Ring device will flash white/blue while it is updating. Do not press the setup button or disconnect your device from power. When the light on your device stops flashing, the update is complete and your device is ready to use.

Last updated 3 weeks ago