Visitor pressing Video Doorbell Wired ding button.

Installing Your Ring Video Doorbell Wired

Before you begin

Make sure you have all the required hardware included in your package:

Bag A

  • (2) 1" Long mounting screws.
  • (2) Wall anchors.

Bag B

  • (2) 3/16" Security screws.

Bag C

  • (1) Jumper cable.

1. Find your doorbell chime.

Your Video Doorbell Wired gets its power from the doorbell system and is designed to replace an existing doorbell button. Ring your doorbell and listen for the chime. If it rings, your existing doorbell system is working. 

Follow the sound to find your chime and make a note of the location. 

2. Turn off power at the breaker.

If you're not sure which breaker controls your doorbell chime, turn off the master breaker for your home or contact an electrician.

3. Grab the included Jumper Cable.

The Jumper Cable bypasses and disables your existing doorbell chime and must be installed before you can install your Video Doorbell.

Your Video Doorbell Wired is compatible with doorbell systems supplying 10-24 volts AC, at 50 or 60 Hz, 20-40 VA max. The AC connector is a class 2 energy source.

4. Remove the cover from your doorbell chime.

After you've located your doorbell chime and turned off the power at the breaker, remove the cover from your chime and set it aside for now.

5. Loosen the "Front" and "Trans" terminal screws.

Make sure to keep the existing doorbell wires in place.

6. Connect the Jumper Cable.

Connect one end of the Jumper Cable to the "Front" terminal, and the other to the "Trans" terminal. It doesn't matter which wire you connect to which terminal. Be sure to tighten the terminal screws.

7. Uninstall your existing doorbell button.

Remove your doorbell from the wall. Disconnect the wires. Make sure they don't fall back inside your wall, so you can access them later. 

8. Remove the faceplate.

Gently pull the faceplate off the unit by pulling it from the lower edge of the plate. Do not use excessive force. The faceplate should pop off easily.

9. Mark the screw holes.

Using your Video Doorbell Wired as a template, mark the location of the two mounting holes on the wall.

10 Install the anchors (optional).

On stucco, brick, or concrete, use a 1/4" (6mm) masonry bit to drill holes in your wall, then insert the included wall anchors. If you're installing on wood or siding, you can skip this step.

11. Connect the doorbell wires.

Loop one doorbell wire around each of the screw terminals on the rear of your Video Doorbell Wired, then tighten the terminals to secure.

12. Screw in your Ring Doorbell.

Mount your Video Doorbell Wired with the two included mounting screws. If you ran the wire through your wall, be sure to feed any excess wiring into the wall first.

When securing your Ring Video Doorbell DO NOT USE any other mounting screw other than the one included.

If you are running the wire up your wall (instead of through it) DO NOT over-tighten the screws.

13. Restore power at the breaker.

It may take a moment for your Video Doorbell Wired to power on. You'll know it's ready when it lights up and speaks to you. 

14. Secure your Ring Doorbell.

Re-attach the faceplate, then use the included screwdriver to drive the small security screw into the bottom of your Video Doorbell Wired. 

CAUTION: If you use the wrong screws to secure the Video Doorbell Wired, you could damage the battery during installation or create a fire hazard, and be seriously injured.

Last updated 7 months ago