Ring Floodlight Cam Plus outside with its bright, motion-activated LED lights turned on at sunrise

Using the Motion Sensitivity Slider on Floodlight Cam

The Motion Sensitivity Slider helps you customize notifications from your Floodlight Cam, Floodlight Cam Plus, and Floodlight Cam Pro by moving the slider between MIN and MAX.

Using your Motion Sensitivity Slider

There may be things in your environment such as the shadow of a moving tree branch or the sun glinting off a shiny object that may trigger a motion event and send out notifications that you don't really want. You can use the motion sensitivity slider to reduce these kinds of motion alerts. 

To Access Motion Settings:

  1. Tap the
    menu (≡)
    on the top left of your Ring app Dashboard.
  2. Tap
  3. Tap
    Motion Settings.
    Adjust features to your preferences.
    • Smart Alerts
      allows for customization of notifications to detect a
      Other Motion.

Seeing distorted video or camera stuck in Night Vision? You can rebooting your device in the Ring app.

Last updated 7 months ago