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Safety and Privacy While Using Ring Car Cam

What privacy features does Ring Car Cam have?

Privacy Cover

Ring Car Cam has a built-in privacy cover that lets you block the interior-facing camera and automatically disable video and audio inside the cabin.

LED Indicator

Ring Car Cam has an LED light that lets you know when the microphone and camera are recording.

Optional Video End-to-End Encryption

Video End-to-End Encryption adds an extra layer of security and keeps you in control of your videos.

More information on keeping your data private with End-to-End Encryption.

Privacy and Security Settings

You can view and customize important security settings from your Control Center in the Ring app.

You have control of your data, ranging from the ability to delete all videos, to easily switching off your device’s location sharing.

Learn more about the Ring Control Center.

What safety features does Ring Car Cam have?

Traffic Stop

Traffic Stop is a feature that lets you record an interaction and save it as a Cloud Highlight (with a Ring Protect Go subscription1) without taking your hands off the wheel.

Ring Car Cam Privacy and Security Questions

Important Note: For safety reasons, and in accordance with state and jurisdictional laws, do not use or view the Ring app or your mobile device while operating a vehicle.

Does Ring Car Cam record while driving?

Ring Car Cam has both a road-facing and a cabin-facing camera that record. To disable the cabin-facing camera, you can flip the Privacy Cover up to cover the camera. The Privacy Cover physically shutters the camera and microphone.

Does Ring Car Cam record when a car is parked?

Ring Car Cam records when it detects disturbances (a disturbance event) and it records when it detects driving (a drive event). It can detect driving when you turn the engine on or when you start to move, which depends on a variety of factors. Ring Car Cam stops recording a drive event several minutes after there is no more movement detected.

Can you turn off the road-facing camera?

Yes. To turn off the road-facing camera and stop the device from recording entirely, you can unplug the power cable from the OBD-II port of your car, which serves as the camera’s power source.

Does Ring Car Cam have GPS location?

Ring Car Cam has GPS capabilities. You can open the Ring app to see where your car is: with wifi without a Ring Protect Go subscription or with a Ring Protect Go subscription over LTE and wifi.

Does Ring Car Cam store video on the device or in the cloud?

With a Ring Protect Go subscription, your videos are stored in the cloud for up to 180 days. You can view, download, or delete your videos at any time from the Ring app.

Without a Ring Protect Go subscription, Ring Car Cam will record local video to the device; once the device reaches its storage capacity, new videos will begin to record over the oldest video. You can view your videos from the Ring app only when Ring Car Cam is connected to wifi. However, you won’t be able to save or download any videos without a subscription.

If Ring Car Cam is stolen, can I still access my footage?

If Ring Car Cam is removed during a break-in or suddenly loses power, it will send a short clip to your Cloud Highlights or if you have a Ring Protect Go subscription.

Can I share video footage from my Ring Car Cam with law enforcement?

If you would like to voluntarily share your Ring Car Cam footage with law enforcement, it's your responsibility to download it and share it directly.

Are there any states where Ring Car Cam is illegal?

Some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit use of this device. You are solely responsible for complying with applicable laws.

Learn more about Ring Privacy.

1 A Ring Protect Go subscription, sold separately, is required to use Live View, Two-Way talk, Real-Time Notifications, and GPS Locator over LTE when the Ring Car Cam is away from home wifi, and to use the Cloud Highlights (including Cloud Highlights for Traffic Stop) feature. Ring Protect Go is only available in the U.S.

Last updated 6 months ago