Ring Video Doorbell Elite connected through ethernet on a modern home's front door.

Installing Ring Video Doorbell Elite

Before setting up your Video Doorbell Elite in the Ring app, install it with this step-by-step guide.

WARNING: Electrical shock hazard. Disconnect power to installation area at your circuit breaker or fuse box before beginning installation. Always use caution when handling electrical wiring.

Installation by a qualified electrician may be required in your area. Refer to your local laws and building codes before performing electrical work; permits plus professional installation may be required by law.

Connect the Video Doorbell Elite Power Kit
* First, install the Video Doorbell Elite Power Kit
* The Video Doorbell Elite Power Kit is a PoE (or "Power over Ethernet") injector that takes ethernet input and outputs it as power over ethernet to your Video Doorbell Elite.
* Using the provided adapter, plug your Elite Power Kit into any wall outlet near your ethernet source.
* Plug the three-foot ethernet cable into the port that says "Internet In."
* This cable will run from either your router or ethernet switch.
* Plug the 50-foot cable into the port that says, "To Video Doorbell Elite."
* Run this cable to Ring Doorbell Elite, going through your walls, if necessary. You are now ready to install your Video Doorbell Elite.
Install mounting bracket on your wall (optional)
* If you don't have a junction box in your wall, install the mounting bracket that came with your Video Doorbell Elite, which also serves as a junction box.
* If you already have an existing junction box, then you can simply discard the Video Doorbell Elite mounting bracket.
* To install the mounting bracket:
* Trace the enclosed mounting bracket template onto your wall.
* Carefully cut a hole in your wall.
* Fit the mounting bracket inside and tighten the two install screws.
* When you turn the screws, you might notice the wing clamps turning, which will secure the bracket inside your wall.
Run the Ethernet cable
* Turn off the power at the breaker.
* Pull the ethernet cable through the hole.
* If you plan on connecting Video Doorbell Elite to an existing doorbell, pull the wires through, as well.
* Plug the ethernet cable into the ethernet port on the back of Video Doorbell Elite.
* You'll hear a "click" to confirm it's secure.
* The ring on the front of Video Doorbell Elite will start spinning and you'll hear that it's in setup mode. If this doesn't happen, check to make sure your connections to the Video Doorbell Elite Power Kit are secure.
* If you are connecting to existing doorbell wires, first shut off power at the main breaker. Then, insert the doorbell wires into the small wire connectors next to the ethernet port.
* It doesn't matter which wire goes into which hole.
* Using the included flathead screwdriver, tighten the two small screws to securely connect your doorbell wires.
* Restore power at the breaker.
Secure the Video Doorbell Elite into the bracket
* Insert Video Doorbell Elite into the bracket by angling the top towards you and sliding it into the bracket.
* Use both thumbs to press around Video Doorbell Elite simultaneously.
* Don't be afraid to use some pressure, since it could be a tight fit.
* Tighten the top and bottom screws to secure Video Doorbell Elite.
Set up Video Doorbell Elite in the Ring app
 Be sure to setup your Video Doorbell Elite in the Ring App before installing the faceplate.
* In the Ring app, select Set Up a Device
* Follow the in-app instructions to connect Video Doorbell Elite to your wifi network.
Secure faceplate to Video Doorbell Elite
* After setup, snap your desired faceplate over Video Doorbell Elite.
* Use the flexible screwdriver included in your kit to secure the faceplate by turning the security screw at the bottom of Video Doorbell Elite.

Learn how to set up your Ring Video Doorbell Elite in the Ring app.

Last updated 8 months ago