Indoor Cam (2nd Gen) on a console table

Flashing Light Patterns for Indoor Cam

Your Indoor Cam has an LED light on the front which shows the status of your device. See the chart below for the meaning of different types of light flashes.

Flashing Light Pattern
Camera is idle
LED is off
Camera is in Setup Mode
Blue light with slow blinking pattern
Camera is starting up
Solid blue light
Firmware update in progress
Blue light that blinks on and off, then stays on for two seconds
Camera is recording
Solid blue light
Two-way talk/speaker enabled
Very slow, pulsing blue light
Setup is successful
Blue light blinks on for five seconds
Setup has failed, incorrect password
Red light flashes on and off
Setup failed to connect to wifi
Red/blue light flashes on/off
Camera is booting up
Solid blue light until booting up is complete
Factory restore
Blue light blinks on and off for five seconds, indicating device will reboot

Last updated 7 months ago