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Amazon Sidewalk Information

Learn about Amazon Sidewalk, a US-only shared network that helps devices stay connected.

Operated by Amazon at no charge to customers, Sidewalk can:

  • Help simplify new device setup.
  • Extend the low-bandwidth working range of devices.
  • Help devices stay online even if they're outside the range of their home wifi.

In the future, Sidewalk will support more experiences like:

  • Using Sidewalk-enabled devices to help find pets or valuables.
  • Powering smart security and lighting.
  • Generating diagnostics for appliances and tools.

Check address coverage for Sidewalk in your area.

Sidewalk benefits

Sidewalk helps your devices get and stay connected. For example:

  • If your Echo device loses wifi, Sidewalk can simplify reconnecting to your router.
  • For select Ring devices, you can continue to receive Motion Alerts and other notifications in your Event Timeline and History.
  • Sidewalk can also extend the working range for your Sidewalk-enabled devices, such as Ring smart lights or smart locks, so they can keep functioning over longer distances.


Is there any charge if I rejoin Sidewalk after turning it off?

No, it's free. There are zero fees associated with having a Sidewalk-enabled device.

Do I have to turn on Amazon Sidewalk if I have a Ring device?

No. Learn more about turning Sidewalk on or off.

Does turning off Sidewalk affect me using the Neighbors app?

No, Sidewalk does not affect Neighbors app use.

How many Ring devices do I need before I can join Amazon Sidewalk?

You only need one Sidewalk-compatible device to use Sidewalk. However, the more Sidewalk bridge devices that are in the network, the stronger it becomes. 

What are Sidewalk bridge devices?

Sidewalk bridge devices are devices that provide connections to Amazon Sidewalk. Today, these include many Echo devices and select Ring devices. Learn more about Sidewalk compatible devices.

What are Sidewalk endpoint devices?

Sidewalk endpoints are low-bandwidth devices like smart lights that can use Amazon Sidewalk even with no wifi or other connection – keeping the device active to send signals like motion alerts. 

How does Sidewalk work?

Sidewalk works by sharing a small portion of your internet bandwidth with your neighbors. By combining it with bandwidth donated by others in the neighborhood, Sidewalk creates a low-bandwidth, low-power network that can be used by neighbors to help one another in new ways.

Will Sidewalk slow down my existing internet?

No. Sidewalk helps devices in a neighborhood remain connected by creating a separate communal network with bandwidth that is borrowed from and shared by neighbors connected to Sidewalk. The amount borrowed from your network is minimal. 

If your home internet goes down or an issue causes a device to go offline, your Sidewalk-enabled devices can automatically connect to a nearby Sidewalk network, and they'll operate with limited functionality until your internet is restored. You will see a message in your Ring app saying your device is in Offline Mode but connected to Sidewalk.  

Is Amazon Sidewalk a public network? Can anyone log on?

No. Sidewalk is only accessible via devices authorized by Amazon to work on Sidewalk.  

If I'm on Amazon Sidewalk, will my neighbors have access to my cameras or videos?

No. It is not possible for other members of Sidewalk to access your cameras or videos.

Is Sidewalk a replacement for a home wifi network?

No. Sidewalk bridge devices (like select Ring and Echo devices) require wifi for normal operation. When Sidewalk is on, your these bridge devices can share a low-bandwidth connection with Sidewalk-enabled endpoint devices, like sensors and Ring Smart Lights installed in places around and outside your home where wifi may not be available.

Sidewalk does not support high-bandwidth connections, so you would still use wifi or a cellular network for things like streaming movies, social media, or email.

How is my privacy protected while on Amazon Sidewalk?

Sidewalk is designed with multiple layers of encryption to secure data on the network. You can turn Sidewalk off at any time.

Can law enforcement, Amazon, or Ring log on to a Sidewalk network? Can they get any information out of it?

No. Data traveling between devices, bridges, endpoints, Amazon Sidewalk, and the Amazon cloud is encrypted. This means that owners of Sidewalk bridge devices do not have access to the contents of other users' endpoint devices that use their bandwidth. Similarly, endpoint device owners do not have access to bridge information.

Last updated 8 months ago