Ring Alarm Base Station with the Keypad and Stick Up Cam on a console in a modern home

Duration of Siren Sound for Ring Alarm

If your siren is triggered in your home or business, the Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro Base Station siren will sound for 10 minutes and then turn off. If you disarm your Ring Alarm before 10 minutes, the siren will turn off immediately.

If your Ring Alarm is running on internal backup battery and your siren is triggered, the siren will stop if the Base Station runs out of power and shuts down.

The Ring Alarm Pro Base Station siren works the same as the Ring Alarm siren. If you have a Ring Alarm Pro the siren will also sound for up to 10 minutes, unless the system is disarmed first. If it’s not connected to a power source and running on only the internal battery, the siren will stop if the battery is out of power and the system shuts down.

How do you sound the Ring Alarm Siren?

The Ring Alarm siren and Ring Alarm or Alarm Pro Base Station siren can be triggered in the following ways:

  • A Contact Sensor is opened when the system is armed.
  • A Motion Detector detects motion when the system is armed.
  • Someone sounds the siren manually using the Ring app, either via the SOS or Sound Siren feature.
  • Smoke or carbon monoxide is detected by the First Alert Smoke & CO Alarm or the Ring Alarm Smoke/CO Listener.²
  • Someone presses and holds the Ring Alarm Panic Button for 3 seconds.
  • Someone presses and holds any of the Keypad (2nd gen) emergency button for 3 seconds.
  • Someone presses the X and checkmark buttons at the same time on the Keypad (1st Gen).

If you want to turn off the siren, you can either disarm your alarm* system using the Keypad or the Ring app, or you can tap the Silence Siren button in the Ring app. Please note that disarming a burglar alarm will also cancel the emergency signal. Tap to learn about different types of alarm events and how to cancel them..

If the emergency is still going on, but you want to stop the loud siren from sounding, do not disarm your alarm* system. Instead, open the Ring app, and tap the Silence Siren button on the dashboard. Ring Alarm is still alarming, even if the siren is not sounding. When your emergency is over, don’t forget to disarm to end the alarming event.

How long does the Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren sound?

The Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren sounds for 3 minutes by default, but it can be adjusted from 1 to 10 minutes. Using the Ring app, you can adjust the length of the siren depending on your preference, or to help remain in compliance with local laws.

You can also adjust the volume of the Outdoor Siren from quiet to very loud, or turn it off completely. If the siren volume is turned off, the siren will not sound at all, but the LED lights will flash to get attention.

How long does the Dome Siren sound?

If you have a Dome Siren added to your Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro system, it will sound for up to 10 minutes. The Dome Siren is an indoor siren designed to help ensure that a siren will be heard during an emergency event from other areas of the home.

Tap to purchase a Dome Siren.

How long does the First Alert Smoke/CO Alarm Siren sound?

The First Alert Smoke/CO Alarm siren sounds until the device is turned off manually by pressing the button on the outside of the device, or when the batteries run out of power.

Tap to purchase a First Alert Smoke/CO Alarm.

Does the Ring Alarm Smoke and CO Listener have a siren?

No. The Ring Alarm Smoke & CO Listener² does not have a siren. It listens for the sound of the siren on your existing smoke or CO detector. When it hears a siren, it sends a Smoke or CO signal to the Base Station.

Tap for information about the Alarm Smoke & CO Listener.

Tap to purchase an Alarm Smoke and CO Listener.

How long do Linked Devices Sirens sound?

If you link your Floodlight Cam or Spotlight Cam to your Ring Alarm and opt for the camera sirens to sound when Ring Alarm sounds, they will sound for 3 minutes. This is fixed and not adjustable in the Ring app.

Tap to learn more about Linked Devices.

¹ A compatible Ring Protect subscription is required to enroll in the Ring Alarm professional monitoring service. Professional monitoring service is available only within the U.S. (all 50 states, but not U.S. territories) and in Canada (excluding Quebec). Ring does not own its own professional monitoring center. Smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring is not available for a business or commercially zoned address. See Ring alarm licenses at: ring.com/licenses. Additional permit or false alarm fees may apply depending on your local jurisdiction. Additional charges may apply in areas that require permits or guard response service for alarm verification.

² Requires the Ring Alarm Security Kit.

Last updated 8 months ago