A homeowner sitting in their living room speaking to guests at the door with the Ring app.

How to Turn Off Video Recording for Doorbells and Cameras

You can turn off video recording on your Ring doorbells and cameras under Smart Alerts in the Ring app. Reminder, Video Recording is a subscription feature. To learn more, visit Ring Protect Plans.

  1. Open the
    Ring app
  2. Tap the
    Menu (≡)
  3. Tap
    and select the device you want to adjust.
  4. Tap
    Motion Settings
    tile, then
    Smart Alerts
  5. Unselect the camera icons for the types of Alerts you don't want to record anymore.

If you'd rather set up schedules for recording on your doorbells and cameras, we recommend trying Camera Home and Away Modes.

Last updated 6 months ago