Privacy features in the Ring app

Privacy is foundational to Ring, and we’re always working to help our customers keep their accounts and information safe. We also strongly encourage our customers to respect their neighbours’ privacy and comply with any applicable local and national laws when using their Ring device.

Creating Privacy Zones

A Privacy Zone is an area within your Ring device camera's field of view that you can define as off-limits. The Ring app won't display anything in a Privacy Zone in Live View or, if you have a Ring Protect plan, record anything in a Privacy Zone.

  • You can set up to two rectangular-shaped Privacy Zones.
    • Each Privacy Zone can be compared to a small piece of tape over the doorbell or security camera lens.
  • Anything within these Privacy Zones is blocked out and recorded video cannot be recovered.
  • A Privacy Zone only prevents recording in that space. It will not prevent the triggering of motion detection.

Learn more or watch a video on how to set up a Privacy Zone.

You can also customise your Motion Settings and set up Motion Zones for your home privacy needs.

Disabling audio/video recording

You can disable audio recording and/or video recording (if you have a Ring Protect plan) in the Ring app.

Learn how to disable audio recording.

You can also disable motion detection to prevent recording or use Modes.

Security signs and window stickers

You can purchase a Security Doorplate Sign or download security sticker templates. A security sticker is also included in the box your device came in.

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