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Works With Ring - Basic Information

Ring can do more than power your security system. It also includes smart home communication protocols that connect smart products across the home and enable control of these products. With Works With Ring as your guide, you can discover a whole world of products that connect with Ring and bring safety, security, and true smart home automation to your home.

This article will help explain Works With Ring.

What is Works With Ring?

Works With Ring helps neighbors identify products from other manufacturers that are designed and engineered to work well with Ring. You can connect Works With Ring products to Ring and control them through your Ring app. Works With Ring products help extend your security through smart home automation products.

What is a Works With Ring product?

A "Works With Ring" product is a device not manufactured by Ring that can be connected to Ring and used through the Ring app. Basic products can connect to Ring and be controlled through the Ring app. Certified products go through enhanced integration and testing to be sure they work seamlessly with Ring and they may have extra functionality.

Basic and Certified? What's the difference between them?

Basic and Certified products both work with Ring to enable things like controlling the device from the Ring app, Alexa functionality, receiving notifications, or viewing the status of the product. The chart below will help you understand the difference between Basic and Certified devices and identify them in stores.

Device Set-up
Standard setup through Ring app's "add manually" function or following manufacturer’s instructions.
Included in the device catalog with step-by-step instructions available in the Ring app..
Device Functions
All basic device functions will be available through the Ring app.
Device has specially designed functions controllable through the Ring App created specifically to work with Ring Alarm hardware.
Alexa Skill
Not via Ring. The manufacturer may provide another way to work with Alexa.
If Alexa control is available, it is included as part of the device's testing and certification.
Available at
Select products may be available at
Yes. Certified Devices may be eligible for any promotions or discounts run through
Works With Ring badge
Look for the Works With Ring badge on partner packaging, ads, and online.

Where can I purchase Works With Ring products?

Works with Ring products are available from many fine retailers as well the shop at

Will connecting a Basic device to the Ring Alarm potentially negatively affect my system?

Probably not, although functionality, reliability, and security cannot be guaranteed for Basic devices.

Will connecting a Basic device to the Ring Alarm void my warranty?

No. Connecting a Basic device to your Ring Alarm will not void your warranty.

Is Ring Alarm required to add WWR products?

For many WWR products, the Ring Alarm Base Station is required. These products use Z-Wave  and the Ring Alarm Base Station serves as the hub connecting these products. The Base Station connects to your home router via wifi or a wired Ethernet connection to enable control of these products over the Internet via your Ring app.

Ring will continue to expand the selection of supported products and technologies so you can pick the products that are right for your home without worrying about the underlying technology.

Tap here for a list of WWR compatible products and whether the Alarm Base Station is required.

Tap here for a list of WWR compatible locks.

When will new product integrations be announced?

Ring will be expanding the WWR program with brands and products from across the home. When new integrations are created, they will be announced here, on and on Ring’s official Twitter feed.

Last updated 6 months ago