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How to Track Your Ring.com Order

When you purchase from Ring.com, you’ll receive email notifications with shipping information and/or more details about your order (usually within two to three days).

Tap the button or link in the email to take you to the tracking page where you can check the status of your current shipments.

Please note that if you purchased more than one product or a Ring bundle, your order may arrive in multiple packages on different days.

How to find your Ring order tracking number and details

When your tracking details are available, we’ll send you a shipping email notification.

In the shipping email you receive, tap Track Order to open your unique tracking page (within Swiship) and see your real-time tracking information. Keep this email so you can check in on your order any time.

How to find out if your Ring order has a future ship date

When you purchase an item at Ring.com, future ship dates are noted on the product page before adding it to your cart. They are also included in your cart at checkout, and in the order confirmation email we send you after your purchase.

If you’ve recently purchased an item(s) at Ring.com, we recommend checking your order confirmation email for a future ship date. (See the example on the right, in the image above).

Simply search for Confirming Your Ring Order in your email inbox. In the email, future shipping details can be found in the Order Summary section below the product name. 

Note: Can’t find your order confirmation? You can also log in to your account at Ring.com to view your Order History. Select View Invoice for the order you want to check.

How to use the tracking page

After you have tapped the link or button in the shipping email, you’ll be taken to a unique tracking page (Swiship) in your internet browser.

  • Under the
    Track your Packages
    header on the page, you can see details about packages that have shipped – and have not yet shipped. See example below.
  • On the tracking page, you can tap the
    link within each section to see tracking information for each shipment. 

There may be additional shipments added to the tracking page as the rest of your order is being shipped (if you've purchased more than one product or Ring bundle, your order may arrive in multiple shipments; examples of Ring bundles include the Ring Alarm 14-Piece Kit plus Echo Dot or a Ring Doorbell with Chime Pro).

You can keep track of each separate shipment by tapping the Details link within each section on the tracking page.


Your tracking information will update as each separate package in your order ships. Once a shipment has been delivered, the shipment details will update to reflect the delivery status.

To find out how to return an order, tap here.

Last updated 6 months ago