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Uploading Images, Photos and Videos to the Neighbors App

How do I upload media items to the Neighbors app?

Media items can only be uploaded to Neighbors when accompanied by a post.

To create a new post:

  1. Tap
    New Post
  2. Select a
    that best describes your post.
  3. Read and agree to our
  4. Add a photo or video from your phone or tablet. If posting from the Ring app, you can upload videos from your Ring devices.
  5. Add a title and description to the post.
  6. If required, adjust the location.
  7. Tap
  8. A new screen will remind you to verify that the post satisfies the listed requirements.
  9. Tap

How many media items can I upload to a single post?

You can upload up to five media items to a single post. If you need to upload more than five items, you can attach the remainder to another post. Please be sure to include relevant information in the second post and mention that it is the second post of two.

Are there any restrictions to the types of media items or images I can upload?

Before posting any media items on Neighbors, be sure to view our Community Guidelines to see what types of posts and comments are permitted.

Per our Community Guidelines, Neighbors does not tolerate hate speech, racial profiling, or other forms of prejudice. We also encourage users to carefully consider the behavior that they are reporting, and to consider the consequences of reporting someone who is innocent. Users are prohibited from posting pictures or videos of people taken where a reasonable person would expect privacy and without their knowledge or consent (for example, users should not post photos or videos of someone in the bathroom).

Users also have the ability to flag incorrect or inappropriate content on Neighbors directly in the app. Our team reviews flagged posts, and if the content violates one of our Community Guidelines, it will be removed from the feed. When we deny posts as part of our moderation process, we generally send an email to the Neighbors user who submitted the post to let them know why it was removed. By educating our users on why their post did not make it to their feed, we reinforce our guidelines and help our users make better posts.

Can I upload non-Ring videos to Neighbors?

Yes. You do not need a Ring device to share videos to the Neighbors app. Videos can be uploaded from the media gallery of any smartphone or tablet. If you have another brand of video doorbell or security device, save the video to your phone or tablet’s media gallery and then share it in Neighbors.

Do I need to have a Ring device in order to upload media items to Neighbors?

No. You do not need to have a Ring device to use the Neighbors app. The Neighbors app is free to download and use.

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