An assortment of Ring Smart Lighting products lighting up a homeowner's front yard at night.

Smart Lighting Wall Light Solar Information

Learn about the tech specs, features and more for Ring Smart Lighting Wall Light Solar.

What is the Ring Smart Lighting Wall Light Solar?

Ring Smart Lighting Wall Light Solar is an outdoor, motion-sensing smart light that can be mounted to walls and other surfaces around the perimeter of the home.

Use the Ring Wall Light Solar to light pathways, sides of buildings, alleyways, above doors, and more. You can control your Wall Light Solar from anywhere via the Ring app or a compatible Alexa-enabled device. Ring Bridge is required to enable smart features and in-app controls.

What is Ring Bridge?

Ring Bridge is the central hub that integrates Ring Wall Light Solar into your Ring system. It connects to the Ring app using your home wifi network and connects to other Ring Smart Lighting products using a proprietary long-range communication protocol. With Ring Bridge, you can control whole groups of lights and plugs at once and be notified via the Ring app when any Ring Smart Lighting device senses movement.

You can also use your Ring app to create Groups of Smart Lights, Plugs, and Ring Security Cameras that work together to enhance security. For example, if you’re subscribed to Ring Protect, your Ring Video Doorbell can begin recording video as soon as motion is detected by a linked device, which can then turn on the Wall Light Solar.

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What are the features of Ring Wall Light Solar?

  • Light Schedules
  • Dusk-to-dawn mode
  • Controllable via compatible Alexa-enabled devices
Ring Video Doorbell 4
Camera resolution
1080p HD
Adjustable up to 800 lumens
Color Temperature
3500 K
Motion Detection Range
Adjustable up to 30 feet
Operating Conditions
-4°F to 122°F
Weather Resistant (IP66)

Frequently asked questions

What surfaces can I install Ring Wall Light Solar on?

Ring Wall Light Solar mounts to most surfaces with the included screws.

How does the Ring Wall Light Solar recharge?

The Ring Wall Light Solar has a built-in solar panel. Install the device in direct sunlight for consistent recharging and power storage. If there isn't sufficient sunlight where you’d like to place the device, you can also remove the device from the wall and recharge the included rechargeable batteries with a micro-USB cable.

Do I need a Ring Protect subscription to use Ring Wall Light Solar?

No. Ring Wall Light Solar provides smart functionality with or without a Ring Protect subscription. If you have devices such as cameras linked to your Wall Light Solar and want your linked devices to record and save video images for any camera that was triggered, you will need a Ring Protect subscription.

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