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Neighbors News Alerts

Where do the Neighbors news alerts originate from?

The Neighbors news team evaluates crime and safety information that comes from a number of vetted sources including risk reporting agencies, verified social media accounts, and public safety systems. The Neighbors news team does not independently verify the content of news alerts. Our news team reviews incidents to determine if they are relevant to send out as news alerts.

How does the Neighbors team decide which incidents to publish?

There are three critical pieces of information that must be considered in order to publish a news alert: incident type, location of incident, and time of incident. The news team only covers crime and safety incidents that could be potential threats to local communities and have occurred within the last two hours. And finally, the news team only covers incidents with a provided address so that the alert can be sent to the affected communities. Addresses provided in news alerts are generalized for privacy purposes and no personally identifiable information is included.

What is CAD and do you use it as a source in your news alerts?

Computer-aided dispatch, or CAD, is a method used by police and fire departments across the country for effectively dispatching their resources. The news team only uses publicly accessible CADs for news alerts.

Does the news team use user posts or videos in creating news alerts?

No, the news team only uses information from the above-mentioned sources.

If I see a news alert that is inaccurate or needs to be updated, who should I contact?

Please send any feedback to

Neighbors Third Party Alerts

Where do the Neighbors third party alerts originate from?

Neighbors integrates with trusted third party agencies to provide crime and safety information to our users. The third parties we receive and publish alerts from are listed below.