A Professional Monitoring agent assisting Ring Protect subscriber over the phone.

Ring Alarm Monitoring Center Phone Number

If your Ring Alarm sounds and you are enrolled in Professional Monitoring*, you and your emergency contacts will need to answer the call from the Ring Monitoring Center so you can take care of the emergency.

To Receive Emergency Calls in Do Not Disturb Mode

While Do Not Disturb (DND) mode can be a useful mobile phone feature to turn on when you need peace and quiet, it can keep you from receiving Ring Alarm emergency calls immediately.

After saving the Ring Monitoring Center (833-209-2159) as a contact in your mobile device, override your device’s Do Not Disturb (DND) settings to receive Ring Alarm emergency calls right away by turning on Emergency Bypass.

To turn on Emergency Bypass for iOS: 

  1. Navigate to the
    Ring Monitoring Center
     in your contacts.
  2. Tap
  3. Select
  4. Turn on the 
    Emergency Bypass

(Screenshots below provided for reference.)

To bypass Do Not Disturb for Android devices:

  1. Open the Android
    Settings app
  2. Tap 
    Sound & vibration
    1. For some Android devices, this may be under Notifications instead.
  3. Tap 
    Do Not Disturb
  4. Tap 
  5. Tap 
    to select contacts that can interrupt Do Not Disturb mode. 

Note: If you choose “Starred Contacts,” remember to go to the Ring Monitoring contact screen on your mobile device and tap the star icon to ensure you receive emergency calls from Ring.

(Screenshots below are an example of Samsung devices. Settings screens may vary depending on your Android device.)

* A compatible Ring Protect subscription is required to enroll in the Ring Alarm professional monitoring service. Professional monitoring service is available only within the U.S. (all 50 states, but not U.S. territories) and in Canada (excluding Quebec). Ring does not own its own professional monitoring center. Smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring is not available for commercial properties. See Ring alarm licenses at: http://ring.com/licenses. Additional permit or false alarm fees may apply depending on your local jurisdiction. Additional charges may apply in areas that require permits or guard response service for alarm verification.

Last updated 4 months ago