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Installing Stick Up Cam (2nd Gen) for Battery Use with a Ceiling Mount

Follow these steps to install your Stick Up Cam (2nd Gen), Battery with a Ceiling Mount.

1. Charge the provided battery.

First, fully charge the provided battery by plugging it onto a USB Power source using the provided orange cable.

The battery is fully charged when just the green LED remains lit.

2. Remove the battery cover.

Twist the battery cover counterclockwise to unlock, then remove it from your Stick Up Cam.

3. Choose a location.

Stick Up Cam is happy just about anywhere, indoors or out. Choose the spot where it can provide the view you want.

4. Remove the base.

Unscrew it using a standard Philips-head screwdriver.

5. Attach the Stick Up Cam Mount. 

Attach the smaller end of the Stick Up Cam Mount to the rear of the Stick Up Cam. Screw it into place using the large silver screw that comes in your Stick Up Cam Mount packaging.

6. Attach the rubber pad.

Be sure that the white rubber pad is attached to the base of the Stick Up Cam Mount. Otherwise attach it by pushing the rubber pad into the base of the mount.

7. Swivel the stand.

Once you've attached the mount to the back of your Stick Up Cam, swivel the mount so that the base is above the camera. 

8. Place the camera.

Place the camera on the ceiling where you've going to mount your Stick Up Cam, rubber side down.

9. Screw in the camera.

Use the three mounting screws to secure the Stick Up Cam Mount base to the ceiling. 

10. Replace the cover.

Slide the back cover of the Stick Up Cam back into place. Use the star-shaped end of the included screwdriver to tighten the attached screw.

11. Snap the cover onto the base.

Screw in the security screws if desired.